Pipe Problem in Hexagon Grid-interaction points!

Hi Guys,
I made a hexagon Grid with Lunchbox on a surface. I tried to Pipe Lines in the Rectangular section and then use the Weaverbird Plugin (Weaverbird Loop Subdivision) to Soften the mesh, but I have some troubles!
once I want to Use (WeaverBird Picture Frame) Component, I ran to an error cause my output from Lunchbox is (Lines) but What it needs is Polyline! I Couldn’t convert lines to polyline Because I lost my Data and Branches.
So I tried the CoCoon Plugin with LineCharge Command, But it gets very heavy when I try to do the (Weaverbird Loop Subdivision) Command, and Without Wb, the output of Cocoon have so many Bump.
Can you suggest any Optimized Method to reach this form?
I attached the .gh File.
thanks.Body of tower.gh (65.2 KB)

Have a try skeleton-fattener.

Body of tower_re.gh (65.1 KB)