#suggestions add automatic pipe to SubD

#suggestions add automatic pipe to SubD for rhino7 and grasshopper {similar to my algorithm }
i created this by grasshopper +to subd components



It’s coming…
I previously shared a grasshopper version that worked by finding a normal at each node and joining the connected pipes radially. It looks like your script is doing something similar.

This works well for some configurations, but the problem I found with this approach is that for many configurations with more than 4 edges connecting at a node, if they didn’t lie in a similar plane, it would produce bad self-intersecting results.

I’ve since completely rewritten the algorithm so the nodes are created in a properly 3d way, not relying on a single axis per node. Doing this while also keeping all simple 4 sided pipes with quads only and no T-junctions poses some interesting challenges, but it seems to be working fairly well now. We hope to get this into a WIP ‘soon’.


Thanks for your answer
How does this command go into rhino?or grasshopper?
Like a command
I used
fattener + curvetopolyline
in this algorithm
Is the extended fattener shared with you?

It will be available as a Rhino command and a Grasshopper component.
I won’t promise exactly when, but we are actively working on getting this into a future WIP release.


so stoked to see this up and running…soooo many applications!!!