RUI files and UI setup issues

I only check these forums sporadically, so this is a surprisingly early freeze and disappointingly tight deadline.

So is any feedback futile now?

I still think linking toolbars is a step back because for example, in Rhino 7 it’s completely clear from where something is linked:

But in Rhino 7, I can’t figure out how to get to that information:

So, again now I’m trying to recreate my Rhino 7 layout in WIP and immediately I see the first bug:


Why do you show drag handles when the toolbars are locked?

Ok, on to the next steps. In V7 you could go to the above Toolbars settings panel and not only see where your settings file is read from, but also what it contains and what was in use:

In WIP you have to find an existing toolbar, find it’s small cogwheel symbol, and only then can you see what your toolbar file contains. Your added toolbar then becomes docked in a place you don’t want, so you must drag it out of that panel, and then drag it to where you want it. So, WIP has two added steps and decreased usability overall. And this is now frozen? Very disappointing.

Also, I swear others have pointed out the incredibly small and really ugly drop zones for toolbars already:

Look at how big and nice they are in V7:


(Also, WIP freaks out when you grab a screenshot in the middle of this drag operation, while V7 exits it gracefully.)

And when you drop your second toolbar on there, the entire thing jumps away from its place forcing your to resize not only your already placed panel, but the new one as well:

Anyway, I was at least this time able to recreate my V7 layout so at least it seems there’s functional parity but the UX of setting this up has gotten worse, not better!

Oh, the automatic inversion of colors on even user created icons is nice, although naturally it doesn’t work in all cases but still. And the collapsing of the sidepanels did work nicely, even after adding my own second side panel, which was also nice.

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no, not at all

thanks for reporting, I’ve added RH-75303 Show path of linked toolbars

This is not the recommended way if you want to make a new container. In that case, Go to Window > Toolbars, and select the library (your rui). It will then list the toolbars in that library.

yes, this is on the list as RH-72559 Docking: make the target zones larger

I don’t follow what you mean here with jumping. If I do this in v7, it scales down the dropped panel, and I will have to adjust the size anyhow. In V8 the area that the container is dropped in, will be distributed evenly over the containers. The latter is preferred imo.

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I think the first bug is the worst though, because it affects every day use and not just the setup:


No reason for it to look busy and messy like that when in V7 locked it looks like this:


Also, did the WIP just eat my V7 RUI file??? (Or was that iCloud again…)


Finally, I can’t find the thread now, but I was promised that when a toolbar overflowed into a popup menu, it would behave better in V8 than in V7 but it seems the opposite is true:


Those “Macro XX” labels do not appear anywhere within the UI for me to change and the WIP doesn’t show any icons. Also, that overflow popup menu doesn’t accept right-click edits so there’s no way to change macros in them either.

Expanding the toolbar to two columns is however perhaps slightly better in WIP than in V7 (I had to switch to different monitor with lower resolution due to eye strain recently).

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Any comment, @Gijs @brian ?

Found the original thread I posted this in last year (but I was mistaken… no fix explicitly promised just a guess by @wim):

There are still open issues with commands in Macros
Apart from that, that is the location where these names can be found and edited (if the renaming issues are resolved)
But for now there isn’t a solution for it yet.

RH-72559 is fixed in the latest WIP

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This is stil in the beta… this really won’t go away? It’s a mess! :see_no_evil:

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Oof. Pretty much nothing I mentioned in this thread has been addressed, so V8 is still a huge step back in this area. :-1:

Just now I opened the V7 toolbar file in V8 beta and accidentally overwrote it, because there’s no “Save As”, and it’s still very unclear where it’s being saved or what’s being saved (or if you can even save any changes to the defaults at all).