Rhino 8 UI - Gears can be visually obtrusive

Hello All,

I’m enjoying a scaled / larger tab icons in the new UI, my only complaint is the Gear Buttons for the menus scales with it and becomes visually unwelcome see the below:

I have 2 suggestions:

1- Always keep the gears icon as small as possible without being scaled like the adjacent tabs and icons.


2- use Hamburger menu icon that can be less obtrusive. like the below



Totally agree. Maybe they should be hidden completely when locked.

Maybe hidden along with the extraneous three dots as @AndersDeleuran has raised (Regression: Hide Container Grip Dots When Docked) that would be a huge visual improvement and less wasted space.

Unlock from right click anywhere on the panel or globally in preferences to edit as needed.


yes please, less visual clutter

It’s my top noted bug here:

Perhaps someone could merge these threads?

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Although UIs fragmentation issue is real , I believe the developers can polish it to make it streamlined and proper. I think your point on visual clutter on the toolbars is spot on . Specifically since most users are going to see V8 for the first time and they will be disappointed with the new UI setup.
Also I trust the developers that they are going to fix it in early service release . I started using it for My work (the less urgent one) and decided to upgrade on day one.


As the developers are challenged in getting this release ASAP. I find myself challenged in getting our firm to upgrade their licenses. And in this case the UI is not helping me to convince them.

@tay.othman I logged RH-77931 Gears should stay the same size when changing the size of the container tabs icons


Then hold off in trying to convince them. We typically “soft release” Rhino and don’t make any big splash as far as promoting the product until after at least one service release. Many issues get addressed in the first few service releases of Rhino.


That sounds like how the Beta process might work.

Right click with in a toolbar calls the properties up for the toolbar.
The gear icon is obtrusive and redundant.
I say this again as I am not sure why is not just removed rather than working on changing its size.

Having said that you cant right click on some toolbars - for example Osnap or Selection filter. Then no properties are called. You should expect the same behaviour in a tool bar tab irrespective of what toolbar it is. Whatever choices are made it should be consistent.


That’s a good approach. Agreed.

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