Name changes on custom toolbar in popup

I’m on a 1080p monitor today instead of my regular 1440p so now my custom toolbars don’t fit:

Now, I get why there’s a different icon there (I only added one size), but what’s up with the names changing? It’s pretty much unusable now. :frowning:

(Also, where does the white come from? Not even the “proper” popup that I added to the menu manually is white…)

Hi Robert -

The entire toolbar & panel code was rewritten for Rhino 8 and issues like this should be fixed there.
Apart from that, I have no clue what I’m looking at in your screenshot - perhaps you could upload your toolbar file and a more detailed description so that @JohnM could check to make sure this is, indeed, no longer an issue in the WIP?

I have reported this several times previously, it’s a massive problem in V7 that is not going to be fixed, will be testing here to make sure it does get fixed for V8.

On top of that I also have Rhino replacing blank toolbar tips (when there is no RMB command on a button for example) with tips in some non-English language - often German or Czech… Happens systematically when you copy buttons and then modify them. Removing the spurious toolbar tips doesn’t help, with every new SR they are back.

Both @JohnM and @pascal have one of my custom V7 toolbar files.

Hi Mitch -

I know they have successfully tested your setup in the Rhino 8 WIP. I don’t know the details here, though…

The toolbar file is 8mb large (which is also weird), so I don’t think the forum can handle that.

But it should be quite obvious that “Macro 34”, “Macro 35”, “Macro 36”, “Macro 39”, “Macro 40” etc is not what one would put in a toolbar and that text doesn’t appear anywhere I can see in the toolbar edit panel (also, weirdly, those examples do show my custom icons, but none of the others do).

Also noticed a “My Fitting Options” menu which couldn’t be clicked… turns out, it’s this option that has a submenu:

Screenshot 2022-03-17 120029

Sad to hear it won’t be fixed until Rhino 8, but at least it’s getting attention…