New UI, not as intuitive as V7 when it comes to dragging panels

This is my layout in V7:

Note how I have two columns to the right, and the rightmost column is split in two. Similarly, I also have split the left toolbar column near the bottom.

In V7, I was able to do this by simply dragging. It was quite inuitive.

In WIP, the only thing I was able to drag to split was the command line at the top, and the drop zones for it had shrunk significantly making the experience worse. The rest, I couldn’t even figure out how to achieve.

I really hope that the WIP UI is planning to become at least as usable as V7 before release. Right now, I’m not prepared to switch.

Iam having the same issue. Ive gone back to V7. Iam having trouble docking toolbars and stacking Panels as well.

How I can change the popup panel actions on the MiddleMouse button? In v7 is easy in wip8 I cant’t find any option to do so.

Latest Wip allows for docking of Toolbar.

Stacking Toolbars on the right still not working