Import V7 toolbars .RUI into WIP?

I see things have changed in the WIP options. Toolbars are now under “Appearance.” But it seems my toolbar .rui from V7 cannot be dragged into WIP, nor imported. Is that because this import is not ready yet, or is it that V7 .rui toolbars will be incompatible?

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It’s there; dig into it.

I don’t want to open Rhino at the moment.

Hint: options > keyword: toolbar?

You can link it by clicking here, this way I was able to import my toolbar to Rhino 8

I imported my V7 custom toolbars into the WIP before the current container system was introduced, but as they continue to work, I guess it should still be possible.

That being said, I might use that as a temporary stopgap measure, but personally I’m going to start from scratch in order to take advantage of the vector-based icons and not have any leftover imported “glitches” from V7. Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work and I’m not looking forward to it.

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Same here. I noticed some latency in the popup toolbar caused by the old raster icons. Recreating my toolbar took some time but i think it worth the effort.