Hi guys!
Holomark2_R6 is ready to test!

But be warned! It can take as much as 10 minutes to complete on high end systems!!!

Since I have had too much to do lately I have not been able to finish off Holomark3 yet, so after a lot of pretty-please’s I descided to rewrite Holomark2 so it supports Rhino 6 properly.

It is a little bit cooler though, since Rhino 6 is cooler and faster I decided to put some (cool - pun intended) white flames on the mini and paint the car black, lower it a bit and add some white walls to the tires.
Because small can be badass too!

There might be some issues with this and it will install some display modes. They simulate Rhino5 as good as possible to give a fair comparison to the original Holomark2, but you still might like them. If you don’t like them then just delete them after you have played with Holomark2_R6.

Remember to save before you run, and it can crash your system with out warning so close all other important programs too, because I have not tried it on many systems yet!

I have done some work to make it a smooth experience on Rhino 6 though, and here are the changes and the know limitations:

Improvements over Holomark2:

  • ESC to cancel the test works better.
  • Vertical syncronization is turned off for the Rhino session to
    (We can’t be limited to 60 fps, now can we?)
  • AA level is included in the system stats
  • It starts of populating 10 cars at a time to slice some time off the test.

Known bugs / limitations:

  • It is normal (for now) that the view is located close to the lower right corner
  • It takes a loooooong time to complete on high end systems due to the way it tests one and one mini… Sorry about that, Holomark3 won’t be like this!
  • The installer should install the plug-in for Rhino6 only

Please report any issues and scores and feel free to chat about hardware here.
Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily simulate your everyday workscenario and faster than 60 fps is not needed for your 60hz monitor, but it is needed to give a fast system a higher score.

I expect to post updates to the file so I post the installer in the next post.


Here is the install file:
Holomark2_R6_2,61.rhi (6.8 MB)

This is version .61 (46)
(fixed a “divide by zero” bug on too fast systems.)
((known bug: The uninstaller of display modes does not work yet. I’ll work on it and post an update soon))

Here’s how to install it:

  • Download
  • Close Rhino6
  • Run installer
  • Open Rhino
  • Type holomark and Rhino should autocomplete to Holomark2_R6 and hit ENTER and enjoy.

Congratulations Jørgen!

It ran for quite some time and than . boom . Rhino closed no warning no dialog nothing.
Just wanted to let you know.
I’m signing off for today I might be able to do some more test if need be in the upcoming days.


When you sign back in check if your desktop has now a RhinoDotNetCrash.txt

No crash here, nice job @Holo.

– Dale

(my CPU is looking, well, old…)

Well, I don’t expect high scores there though, since single core cpu computing hasn’t been evolving that much for the last five years and well, neither has Rhino evolved much in those tests when it comes to that type of computing speed. It has rather focused on more correct calculations and those can be a bit slower (I know you know, just want new readers to understand that this isn’t unexpected nor an indication that Rhino6 is slow)

By the way, here is my i7 laptop with a GeForce 750m score:


No AA:

But @dale… you waited 20 minutes??? Damn… that is crazy… :expressionless: I’ll see if I can reduce the number of frames for the speed test to speed things up without affecting the score too much.

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good idea, a benchmark test… but there should be some online database to compare, based on a simple spreadsheet design.


Thanks Jørgen!
Here are my results on the RH7 WIP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


// Rolf

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This is mine, upgraded my system some time ago. RX580 is for display and therefore responisble for the GPU score. The RX-Vega64 is just in there for cycles, so it wasn’t relevant in this test. The 2700X 8core/16thread CPU was not only in numbers a huge upgrade from my previous core i5-6500, it is also a huge noticable difference regarding the whole system. running a few applications at once and having many tabs open in the browser at once, was a very laggy experience with the old i5-6500. now the ryzen instead has no problems with this kind of scenario.

btw, why are both cards showing only 4GB of ram? they both have 8GB. wasn’t that a bug in the previous holomark?
apart from that, great work @Holo!

how embarrasing, I’m not on the latest SR :sweat_smile:

Sweet! Excellent work @Holo

yes, a database where all the scores go in would be great. scrolling through the forum thread in order to compare isn’t very comfortable.

I know! It’s horrible! So please feel free to make one :wink:
I’ll even throw in some free hours to help you guys out :smiley:

Thing is I collected some data for Holomark1 but I’d rather spend the time playing with my kids :wink:


Yes, sorry, I understand. You just present your work, which you did for free and one of the first things you get to hear is something like “not enough”, “but we want this and that”. Must be disappinting. So let me emphasise again that you did great work and it is a much needed base for comparing hardware and making choices for choosing components.
If I had any coding skillz I might look into making a database, but I have no idea of this kind of stuff.
And yes, playing with yo kids is indeed a much better way to spend your time. should also bring a much bigger reward over time. I know that :wink:


I understand about your kids vs developing a database.

Does Holomark have a provision to write out all it’s data into a standardized format data file?

If not, perhaps that’s where you could apply some of those “free hours”. Then anyone who wanted to create a database would have the potential of something to put in it.

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I have no idea what that even means… :smile:
But I can output the scoredata any way I want though.
If I could quickly log in and copy-paste a string for each test onto an online database I would do so.
But I have no clue in where to start, so I’d rather spend the time on Holomark3 and make that a smoother experience for you all. Holomark2_R6 is only intended to barely satisfy as a scratch on an old itch :wink:

If you are using python, maybe you could write results to a dictionary and put that dictionary in a sticky key called “holomark2”. Someone else can then use this information in another script to post data to an online spreadsheet, database or something else similar.

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