Holomark 2 for Rhino 5

Holomark 2 IS IN BETA
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Holomark 2 is getting close to pre-release and I am now working on the score system and finalizing the CPU tests. My goal is to measure single thread speed and FULL multithread capacity, so that will get full attention early next week.

The test requires a directory with the rhino mini file + the different Holomark display modes. These modes are automatically installed (and reinstalled) at runtime to make sure all systems are tested equally.

I decided to avoid using tools like Make2D, to avoid messing up users settings. Instead I use tools like Contour and Silhouette.

The tool both measures the speed of the system and also compares how complex files the system can handle.

I need two alpha testers next week, preferably one with an english system and one with a local version. I will not need much feedback, but I might need to communicate via skype so we can screenshare IF issues arise. So if you would like to help out please contact me.


D cool i will test it

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Sounds interesting Jorgen, I could possibly lend a hand depending on when you need it

Thanks guys, I’ll let you know.
I also need to make a python system info tool, and that might be more time consuming than I hope, so probably Wednesday or Thursday.

Just send the info when you have any and I’ll see when i’m at home to test it.

Hi guys, the development became behind schedule due to illness, this also affected my high priority projects so I had to get these back on track first. I am now working on getting Holomark2 back on track too.

Holomark2 adds some display modes to Rhino, to make sure all systems are tested equally. And today I added a new illustration mode, with intersections and all. HM2 will also measure the time your system takes to prepare the file for this technical display mode.

Gathering of the system information is also working now, so I presume it is only a days full work left.



Here is a new WIP teaser.
This is the visual score chart.
I will add a few more tests and then hook up the system info extractor before going into Beta.

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All is hooked up and working now, tested on XP 32bit, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
I am working on an automatic localization of the content folder and to pack the code into a plugin.

New CPU tests has been added:

  • UDT testing: Twist and taper a shape.
  • MultiCore testing: Extracts rendermesh from Mini, joins them and then runs ReduceMesh to stresstest the CPU.

New GPU test has been added:

  • Stress testing system to see how many “minis” it can handle before dropping below 5fps.
    Testing in shaded and rendered mode.

I am currently having issues with the plugin, as it stops midway. Unlike the scripts.
Hope to have this solved by the end of the week.

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Holomark2 is in BETA and I need a few testers
Please show your interest here and email me at score@holomark.com and I will send you a zip file with the beta plugin and the needed files: The mini model + display modes, and the instructions. It is really easy to use.

This beta version expires 2014-04-01.

You as a tester:
I will need you to run the test a few times, probably with a few different settings, and then send me the score.

The test takes around 3 minutes, depending on the system.

Thanks for all help, and I look a lot forward to shipping this and to start gathering the data so all of you can see how different systems handles Rhino.


Hello Jørgen,

that sounds really interesting,

I have one question and a little suggestion…

  1. Is the current release “userproof”, meaning will it provide fixed standard test settings that will evaluate the systems performance, regardless of any custom (viewport) settings the user could possibly have altered?

  2. when looking at the result page it might be a good idea to have the resulting numbers aligned under
    each other, it would probably look a little better, furthermore (although i see there is not that much place left for even more structure it could be helpful to group lets say 4 lines together by inserting 1 blank line after them, so you would not mistake the scores …

I would be happy to test the new build, just write me : waltherNOSPAM@NOSPAMv-cube.de (please remove theNOSPAMs)

best regards


I had forgotten that we can use the “private message” system here, so no need to email me :smile:
Just send me a private message if you want to participate.

Situation update:
The beta testing is going well and I am now working on updating the scoresystem and updating the web site for the launch.

Hi, I took some time and rewrote the scoresystem after the previous Beta fase, so I am pretty close to launch now.

Here is a video of the latest inhouse build of Holomark 2:
The test is ran in a fixed sized window so the results are comparable on all systems.

(The score is lower than usual since the video capture software is quite demanding on the CPU)

Here are the preliminary scores from the Beta testing, with color coding so it is easy to compare them.
As you can see some of the systems are a bit “all over the place”. This can be driver related, but it is hard to tell. If you compare “Helvetosaurs” two pretty similar computers you’ll see that both of them has red spots, bot not in the same areas.

And here you can see what the score numbers are:

Just got Don’s scores in and updated the Beta chart.
Added an average score comparison
This will hopefully develop into a graph norm on the score sheet to visually compare the tested system… I just need to find the hours to design and program it.

And I need to program a “string” with all the scores and the system data so I can quickly paste the data into this sheet. So we are slowly getting there!

His scores are good, and shows the power of the FirePro V7900.

As you can see from the score chart there are some odd red blocks on some of the otherwise “green” systems.

Jorgen - is it possible you could include a facility to make screen captures at set points in the test? The figures Holomark2 generates are excellent for gauging performance, but the don’t tell the story of image quality. We all know that the Firepro 7XXX cards are wanting in this department, even though their ‘numbers’ performance is very good.

I thought about making screencaptures of every test, to a folder, but I figured it would be a bit too much for the main user. I’ll reconsider making this as an option in the future.

Maybe @donl517 can make a screencast from his system running the test… ?

You should consider using a Google form for data collection, you can have the data emailed to an account and have it auto populate a form, and/or possibly a spread sheet. (at least I think that is all possible, I have a friend who does something like this with his business)

Just a thought,

Mr Holo,

You should be commended for your fine effort! Finally we will get some insight into the hardware side of Rhino, with the option to tune up for greater 3D performance. Thank you for this Holo!


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