Holomark 2 Released!

do you bought it from Puget?

No bought from Scan , UK Bolton based specialist :+1:

Do they have a web page?

Yeh, https://www.scan.co.uk

What about Holomark for Rhino 6.0?

any news?

Thanks !

Have fun:

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Is there any latest version of Holomark2 for Rhino5 link to download?

I have downloaded the Holomark2 Benchmark at holomark2.com
This is a test in the architecture office machine.

Antialiasing: 8x | Mip Map Filtering: Linear | Anisotropic Filtering: High | Driver v: 416.81

Same test with options disable:

Antialiasing: None | Mip Map Filtering: None | Anisotropic Filtering: None | Driver v: 416.81
Only mesh tests was improved.

This should be the latest of the V5 version:

While others may post high scores, I think my score is one of the lowest on this thread:

Holomark 2 v2,2,03

Total Score: 12183
Total Runtime: 277.79 sec

GPU scores: 7460
GPU_01 - 224.70 fps - Cube 4 tests
GPU_02 - 11.00 fps - UDT Shape
GPU_03 - 26.10 fps - Wireframe
GPU_04 - 18.80 fps - Shaded
GPU_05 - 10.60 fps - Rendered
GPU_06 - 8.60 fps - Block Rendered
GPU_07 - 5 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in Wireframe
GPU_08 - 3 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in Shaded
GPU_09 - 10 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in RenderSpeed
GPU_10 - 29.90 fps - RenderMesh Render
GPU_11 - 59.20 fps - RenderMesh RenderSpeed
GPU_12 - 45.70 fps - JoinedMesh Render
GPU_13 - 46.90 fps - JoinedMesh RenderSpeed
GPU_14 - 2 units mesh @ 15 fps in Shaded
GPU_15 - 3 units mesh @ 15 fps in Render
GPU_16 - 4 units mesh @ 15 fps in RenderSpeed
GPU_17 - 30.20 fps - mesh in Rendered Studio
GPU_18 - 3.10 fps - Nurbs in Rendered Studio
GPU_19 - 7.20 fps - Block Illustration
GPU_20 - 21.70 fps - 2D single
GPU_21 - 4.30 fps - 2D massive (20x)

CPU scores: 4723
CPU_01 - 40.91 sec - Booleans and Contours
CPU_02 - 4.83 sec - Twist and Taper (UDT)
CPU_03 - 17.70 sec - Meshing Mini
CPU_04 - 0.16 sec - Extract Render Mesh
CPU_05 - 0.22 sec - Join Render Mesh
CPU_06 - 22.46 sec - Reduce Mesh
CPU_07 - 5.37 sec - Calculating Technical display
CPU_08 - 14.21 sec - Making Silhouettes


Intel® HD Graphics 4600 - 1024.0 MB
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M - 4095.0 MB

Intel® Core™ i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz
NumberOfCores: 4 NumberOfLogicalProcessors: 8
MaxClockSpeed: 2.6 GHz

TotalPhysicalMemory: 16.0 GB

Microsoft Windows 8.1

  • None - 64-bit

Rhino 5 sr 14 64 bit

I think I should upgrade my laptop before architecture grad school rolls around in 3 months… I model heavily and render, so I think the latest-gen i7 card combined with oodles of RAM will be decent. For the GPU, I’m undecided whether to cash-in on a Quadro or GTX card since both seem to perform well as the Holomark test.

you need to go into the nVidia drivers and set them to use the 960 for Rhino, because the default for some dual chip laptops are to use the low energy intel chip… That should boost you up. The 960M is a pretty good gpu still.

In Nvidia control panel, I have what I think is Rhino set to use the 960 card and the score is low. Rhino only recognizes 64Mb of GPU memory available from the 960m which is crazy.


Not sure what could be causing this issue


I’m getting an error ERROR: HM2_Wire was not propperly installed with HoloMark2 for Rhino 5 on Windows 10, my Rhino language is French (not Italian). I cannot change the language in the appearance settings.

It’s not important to me, I was just hoping to get the lowest ever score and win at HoloMark golf :wink:

Preparing Holomark 2 v2,2,03

Rhino 5 sr 14 64 bit
Starting Holomark2
Rhino’s language is Italian
1, C:\Users\KNAPP\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\Holomark2 (eda790ba-e2f2-0d80-3f9f-143fc9dc0d20)\1.0.5407.40499
HoloMark2_Mini.3dm was located
HM2_Wire.ini was located
HM2_Shaded.ini was located
HM2_Render.ini was located
HM2_Illustration.ini was located
HM2_RenderSpeed.ini was located
All is ok
ERROR: HM2_Wire was not propperly installed

New Ryzen build with stock CPU/memory settings/cooler. Will switch to AIO cooler and OC sometime soon.

Is still possible to download Holomark 2 for Rhino 5?

It should be possible from here:

going to check. I want to test, again, the office machines.

you certainly don’t need an aio, that’s a common misconception. get a good aircooler, like one from noctua, bequiet or thermalright. if it is one of the higher end noctuas you will have better cooling performance that standard aio’s and you will not have to bare the constant noise of a waterpump.
I just recently built a system with a 3900X and a bequiet Dark Rock 4. even under sustained load (tested with prime 95) the cpu does not reach 70 degrees C AND it stays quiet all the time.

oh and btw, OCing Ryzen2nd gen does not make any sense.

New machine - it’s a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: beast compared to the old one, and I love it! :heart: Can’t wait to get Keyshot installed and get those cores working :grinning:
And @Holo, maybe it’s time to revise the scale for Holomark 3? :wink: Some of those GPU scores go wayyyy of the chart :crazy_face: