How to benchmark Rhino

I want to benchmark Rhino 6 (and 5) on different computers with different hardware.
How would you benchmark or measure the performance of Rhino on different systems?
I have some use case scenarios in my mind, but I have no idea how to measure it in a standardised way.
It should be some form of complex (parametric) modelling and rendering and maybe pushing almost the system. I know from experience that a little change in a parameter in a complex Grasshopper can cause Rhino and/or Grasshopper to become unresponsive, but becomes almost always responsive again after a while. In general, with better hardware it becomes faster responsive.

I hope you have ideas/suggestions how to perform a controlled, reproducible benchmarking for Rhino on different Windows systems.


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Here’s a thought starter for an additional metric to add to Holomark 3.

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So… below is what I get when launching in Rhino 6 after downloading from FoodForRhino > holomark > download or when I download from

Any ideas how to get the newly updated Holomark2_R6?

Load Enscape.Rhino.Plugin …
2020.06.27 18:44:59.659 -04:00 [1] | INFO | Rhino plugin starting…
2020.06.27 18:44:59.665 -04:00 [1] | INFO | Enscape directory: C:\Program Files\Enscape
2020.06.27 18:44:59.665 -04:00 [1] | INFO | Enscape version: 2.7.2+23714
2020.06.27 18:44:59.666 -04:00 [1] | INFO | Renderer version:
2020.06.27 18:44:59.667 -04:00 [1] | INFO | Rhino version: Rhino 6 SR 27 (6.27.20176.5001)
2020.06.27 18:45:00.155 -04:00 [1] | INFO | Rhino plugin started.
Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Jun 24 2020, 05:23:56
Command: HoloMark2

Preparing Holomark 2 v2,2,03

This version of Holomark2 is only built to run on Rhino 5

found the ANSWER Holomark2_R6