Comparing laptops to buy for rendering

Hello, I am looking to purchase a new laptop. I am handling some light rendering in Rhino 7. Small architectural renderings such as custom bookshelves with some lighting and occasionally larger spaces such as Living Rooms with furniture etc.

I have purchased a Dell XPS 17 9700

  • I7-10875H
  • 2060 Max Q
  • 32GB Ram

This laptop is crazy slow when I try to render even a small piece of millwork, like a dresser. Maybe it is the laptop that’s an issue and not the hardware? We are talking very slow to render 200 samples at draft quality 800 pixels. The laptop just seemed like it couldn’t handle this workload. Anyone have experience with this laptop?

My other options I am considering to buy are…

Lenovo P15

  • XEON - W-10855M
  • Quadro RTX 5000 Max Q
  • 32GB RAM

Dell Precision 5750

  • I7-10850H
  • Quadro RTX 3000
    -32GB RAM

Three questions…

  1. Did anyone notice the same issue with the performance of the XPS 17?
  2. The Dell precision seems to be the same style as the XPS 17 but with the quadro card. Will this precision behave just as poorly as the XPS?
  3. Which laptop would you choose above for slightly above average performance. Do you have any suggestions otherwise if none of these options fit the bill.

I greatly appreciate your advice.

Hi @bscottmfg
Without being an expert, your system seems more than OK for “light rendering”. Since there is no Rhino file to test and you don’t give any indication of what “crazy slow” means, I’m going to try and give you a few general pointers: Run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the result here. There might be issues with your installation or drivers - the 2060 Max Q should be just fine for Cycles. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date, if they aren’t already. Also, make sure that the GPU is set under CUDA in the Cycles portion of Rhino options.
And make sure to read THIS if it’s a hybrid system (2 graphics cards, one slow, eg. Intel, and one fast, eg. your RTX 2060),
Also check your model for bad objects - they can sometimes really mess things up. Also, are you using really, really massive textures? That also could be issue.
In other words: Give us something more to go by when you ask questions. “Crazy slow” and “couldn’t handle workload” are hard to relate to. Post some render times and a Rhino file, and we can see if your computer is indeed “crazy slow” :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

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In addition to running SystemInfo and posting the results, you can benchmark you current system using Holomark 2 V6. See the second post in this thread for the download: Holomark2_R6.

processor is less important than graphics card. Get a ton of system ram 32-64 gb or more if you can afford it and spend most of your money on an Nvidia RTX graphics card. The more vram and cuda cores the better for rendering.

then spend what you have left on a big fat harddrive I have a 2tb internal and a 2tb external.