Is Holomark 2 _R6 ok to test Rhino 5 and 7 on win10 and win7?

V5 and soon to also be V7 win 10.
I want to compare v5 and V7 with Holomark. and I see Holomark 2_R6 exists.

Q1. IMPORTANTLY will it work with v5 on win 7 pro 64bit …and… on v5 and v7 on win 10 pro 64 bit ?

MSI GTX970 as was tested by me on my win764bitPro rhino v5 which I have results for.

I AM CONCERNED OVER A REDUCTION IN PERFORMANCE ON RHINO V7 AS …I see in Adobe Photoshop CS6 available ram has dropped to 87% of what was available on win7 64 bit pro.
Win 10 64bit pro seems to have taken 13% of my available ram.
This shocks me, and now I discover win10 does take more ram, as I am maxed out at 32Gb I dont want to go backwards regards performance in rhino and video editing and photoshop and other memory important progs I use.

Q2. Do we get to allocate RAM in Rhino like one can in Pshop ? Even at 100% the Pshop slider cant give me the 26683Mb that 90% gave for Pshop use. 25808 is the max.

I have 32Gb of Vengeance Pro DDR ram by Corsair.

Q3. I thought win10 would boost performance, not lessen it. Does the loss of ram get offset in anyway by win10 to make the PC same or faster ?

I am wanting quicker mesh handling, as meshes and V5 are terribly slow. I long for v7 and better handling, but will win10 deny me ?
MSI GTX970 has 4Gb Graphics ram.

Q4. Everyone says win10 better than win7, yet having spent a week with it overcoming basic workflow hurdles its given, I am yet to see whats good ! Just what was the advantage of win10 otherwise except being able to run v7 , but at what cost ?

As an interface and navigation its ruined what was good (win7 and classic shell)…I am hating win 10.
Even the ‘recent places’ icon top left in windows explorer (now file explorer) that gave me quick access to where I was saving files to has gone, everything involves browsing from root level onwards for each save or paste.

To see my RAM removed is the last straw. hate the flat interfaces, win 10 more like win79, win11 even worse I gather.

So lets see how win 10 compares to win 7 with Holomark.

Q5. Has anyone else compared both OS’s with same hardware ?


I must know…
Can I test Holomark_R6 on win 7 rhino and also v5, both on win10, then v5 on win 7 ?

I wish to test Rhino v7 with it in my new build win10 and compare, or should I use instead Holomark 2 ?

I am told today when asking why win10 makes PC slower, another horror story, win10 monitors every PC prog install even if its not running or minimised, when win7 ignores such. Win 10 is faster on same hardware compared to win 10. I do a simple search with my cataloging prog and it takes 35% longer to find same file as it did on win7 (same hardware), just swopped out the C drive SSD.

My spec i7 4790 3.6GHz with 32Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1600MHz ram and GTX970 4Gb onboard RAM is going to struggle with win 10 yet fly with win7, and to carry on with win7 if I need same performance.
To enter BIOS and alter XMP profile to 1 to use my ram’s 1600Hz as it is on 1333Mhz, may gain me some more ooooompf !

I wanted rhino 7 for better mesh handling, so unsure what to do. My move to win 10 was for V7 but may be a backward step with current rig.

At the least I want to test the difference between v7 and v5.

so just how best to do this please ?

Is there a mesh handler benchmark or does Holomark test meshes ?


anyone please. how to test V5 and V7 on win10 and win7 and compare performance loss due to win 10 ?



Hm2 on w7 R5 is comparable with hm2-r6 on R7 on w10 and w11.
You should not see much of a speed loss if drivers are up to date.
Easiest thing to test is to pop in a new hdd/ssd, install w11, rhino eval and hm2 :slight_smile:
(Hdd speed doesn’t affect much, so use an old one if you have one lying around)
((Then install a new ssd if it works OK for you))

Hi Holo,
Thank you.
I have R5 on win7 and R5 last download available for R5 on win 10, as well as R7 on win 10, to be updated to latest patches etc.

win 7 and win 10 both use SSD samsung 870 evo 2tb. same hardware I just swop them in and out at the moment during the win10 build.

win10 is up to date. a recent driver for the MSI gtx970 is on.

I will run:-
RhinoV5 win 7 with Holomark 2
RhinoV5 win10 with Holomark 2

that will be a very important comparison for me.

RhinoV7 on win 10 Holomark_R6

Has anyone got results with a GTX970 when doing so ?

I have to double click Holomark_R6 when rhino not minimised or launched.

I presume it seeks out only Rhino v6 or v7, or will it also install to v5 and is that ok ?



Holomark2 for V5: Holomark 2 | Food4Rhino

Close Rhino before installing, then open Rhino and type Holomark2 in the commandline to run the test.

Holomark2_V6 for V6, V7 and V8: Holomark2_R6 Post 2

Here’s how to install it:

  • Download
  • Close Rhino6
  • Run installer
  • Open Rhino
  • Type holomark and Rhino should autocomplete to Holomark2_R6 and hit ENTER and enjoy.

Rhino automatically uses a much or as little RAM as it needs, up to the amount Windows makes available. Nothing would be gained by Rhino grabbing more memory than it needs.

Guys, does holomark run completely on Rhino 7 or 8? For me, it is in the middle Test(GPU_13 Test)stop Rhino

Holomark runs and completes on my system in Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 on Windows 11 and an NVIDIA GPU.

Systems with AMD graphics have had graphics problems recently due to the AMD drivers. The problems can be avoided by changing settings:
Options > View > OpenGL
Uncheck “GPU Tesselation”
If that does not solve the problem try moving the “Level” slider one notch to the left.

I will take a look at the code when I have time and see if I can update something.

Thanks for sharing that info David.
Sad to say this is why I only use nVidia cards. They have had better and more stable (OpenGL) drivers the last decades.

My system info is:

Nvidia 3060 Rtx 12 GiG graphic ram
16 gig: Ram
Cpu :cori5  12400 GEN12```

And i Test in other computer by

NVIDIA Gtx 1060 with 6gig graphic Ram
And 32Gigbyte Ram
Cpu Cori7 7800```

 Both System stop Test in Gpu13
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Run the Rhino command SystemInfo and post the results.

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Thanks guys, I think I located the bug, a potential divide by 0 as I rounded down the run time for the spin test down to two decimals prior to dividing number of frames with it (to get the fps). ((So IF the computer did the 100 frames in less than 0.004 seconds it would round down to 0…))

I will try to compile it during the weekend, do some test runs and upload it.


yes please, I’m eager to test it on Rh7 but I always get Divby0 thing.


Seems like I fixed the GPU13 bug, 2000.00 fps seems to be a limit so we should be OK. I’ll try to post the update tomorrow.



Thank you Holo,
I tested the newly updated Holomark build. It seems that the issue persists on GPU_06 , CPU_04 and CPU_05 as well , I get the Div/0 issue as well.

Hi Tay, I’ll look into the CPU tests. Do you have an AMD cpu?
GPU_06 should not be affected though, so that’s strange.

Yes I have an AMD CPU I was able to run it by adding some background processes to slowdown my machine.

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Found a few issues on the CPU tests where it also rounds down to two decimals, so I upped that to four. I’ll build a new plugin when I have time and send it out. Who would imagine extracting meshes would go faster than 0.004 seconds back when Holomark2 was released… the new CPU’s are quite impressive…
Next milestone is now 0.00004 seconds and by then I hope Holomark 2 is discontinued. It takes time to revisit 1000 lines of undisciplined code :wink:

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Hi Holo,
After my new pc win10 build and 3070 card I have yet to test V7.
How should I do so, it seems you need to release an update reading here or is what is available good to go and remind me how is it done please.