Missing images from threads

I see there are a lot of images missing from old threads.
Did you have a system failure or a cleanup or something?

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That is not great, can you link me to a couple of problem topics?

Hi @sam - here is a couple:

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I’ll just keep adding the topics whenever I see some missing images/files.

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Here’s one more:

From the looks of it images prior to Summer 2015 are missing.

Hi, and here from 2018 the image has been replaced with a link that leads to a 404 error page:

Missing file here:

OK we are on to this, we are aware of the full extent of the problem 6000 images in total which were from 2015 and older were impacted.

There is a long story here but back in 2015 we had a different file upload naming scheme and we did not migrate mcneel to the new scheme. We are doing a full analysis here to see if there is anything we can do to recover the images. @stevebaer any chance you have an old backup hanging around somewhere?

Regarding @Holo’s issue, this is different and somewhat complex. What happened here I think is.

  1. You uploaded the image on another post (or draft)
  2. Then you right clicked on the image, copied the URL and put it in the holomark2 post.

This leads to a somewhat complex and not great situation, which I will make sure we fix in core. Since the URL is to a smaller and optimized version of the original our internal processes that map “uploads” to “posts” did not pick up that this post contained the upload. Later your draft disappeared or original post with the image got deleted, the reference between post and image was lost and it was removed.

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OK, I’ll remember that for later :slight_smile:
Will you fix it, or is the image lost and I should edit it with a new image?

My question is. Could you add some kind of iframe support and we share images from our own clouds?

Probably 50% of the code examples I’ve posted were images. I guess that was a wrong. I’ll try to use the code tags from now on as much as possible.

We will make core more resilient so you do not need to remember that. If it easy for you to add a new image there please do so, its probably a 20-30 minute job for us to dig it up from backups, if we even have it (we may cause its not that old)

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OK, it would probably take me some time too as it can’t be edited now :slight_smile:

Can you put this one in there for me? :


wow, awesome, thanks it is done.

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PERFECT! Thanks for the superfast handling!

I have a super old discourse from version that is sitting dormant on ec2. I might be able to revive it, but I’m not sure how much we’ll get out of that.

That may help do you recall if images were local?

No idea; it’s been a while :slight_smile: Just let me know how I can help

one thread totally ruined by missing pictures: