Single Window Modeling

Starting with the 2014-01-28 WIP release, Rhino for Mac now uses a single window with sidebars for performing modeling. An earlier version of this modeling style has been available through the TestSingleWindowModeling command, but this is now the default. There are currently unresolved issues with single windowing layout in 10.7, so single window modeling is currently disabled on 10.7.

There is an earlier post about other single window modeling features.

This version has a number of new features to single window modeling that are available through settings in the Themes preference panel.

You can now display a tool palette of your choosing above the viewport views. You can create your own tool palette (of course) and populate it with as many tool buttons as you like. The top tool palette will use as many rows as necessary to display your tool palette, and will resize as you resize your modeling window.

The left sidebar is the Command sidebar and contains a tool palette. If you are not using the ribbon bar, you can choose which tool palette is displayed here. The ribbon bar dynamically changes which tool palette is displayed in the sidebar, so this option is disabled when using the ribbon bar.

Another setting lets you place the Osnaps panel in the command sidebar. If you have a smaller laptop, you may want to turn this option off.

By default, the options for the running command are now displayed in the command sidebar. As before, just start typing to type a command. No need to click in the Command box before typing a command.

If you prefer to use the Command Options HUD panel instead of having the command options in the sidebar, select the Custom theme in the Themes preference panel and choose the “Use command options dialog” option.

Both sidebars can now be sized narrower than in earlier versions, allowing for more modeling space in the middle of the window.

Some of you will want the old UI back, and, for a short period of time, you can do this. The command mentioned in the Discourse post, TestSingleWindowModeling, will now autocomplete and will revert to previous UI versions. This is only a temporary condition. The TestSingleWindowModeling command will disappear in the near future, and the new UI will be the only option.

I will suggest that reverting to the old UI only be done as a last resort. It has been a challenge to keep the previous UI versions running correctly while making the new UI changes. If I have introduced minor problems to the old UI versions, they probably won’t be fixed. Also note that the old UI versions are going to be abandoned and removed after the TestSingleWindowModeling command is removed.

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Ack… I just discovered the hard way that v499 only supports Single Window Modeling in 10.8 OSX?

After finding this explanation, is there any way to continue to permit Single Window Modeling (which I like very much) also in 10.7 OSX, like previous versions? I would gladly live with some of the limitations you identify, Marlin.

Like possibly many others, upgrading to 10.8 OSX is not desirable due to a number of incompatible applications. Most significant of which is the Adobe Suite, which one can no longer purchase resident for one’s machine without their nefarious subscription requirement.

Anybody else in the same boat?



i’m in that boat but for different reasoning… my desktop is a 1,1 macPro which isn’t supported by 10.8+

i plan on getting a new mac pro this year but that’s still a few months away (hopefully by summer)…

that said, i can imagine the headache of trying to develop new/beta software while maintaining support for a 7 year old computer… the line between “should i spend time looking towards the future and utilizing functions of the modern OS… -or- make sure this thing works on older computers?”

tough choices probably.

[edit] fwiw, i also have a 2010 mbp which runs mavericks/rhino fine so i’m not as complainy as i might be if i only had the macpro

Actually, the limitations are bigger than you think. Here’s a current 10.7 screen shot with single window modeling.

It’s not usable.

So, what’s going on? Along with single window modeling, I am converting Rhino for Mac to use an Apple technology they call Autolayout. Autolayout was introduced in 10.7, but I’m discovering that it can work differently on 10.7 than 10.8 or 10.9, or at least has more restrictions.

Autolayout dynamically resizes controls and other UI when you move window dividers or resize windows. It is what allowed me to dramatically reduce the width of the left sidebar without losing content.

But my real goal with Autolayout is not to have fun dragging window contents around. Autolayout will resize UI controls when the text in the control changes, and this is critical for localization to other languages. With Autolayout, dialogs and panels will resize to fit the content, whether it is long German words or very short Japanese words.

I’m not abandoning single window modeling on 10.7 (at least, not yet). I ran out of time before the 2013-12-23 WIP release expired and had to get a new WIP release out, so I had to disable single window modeling in 10.7. I’m working on getting single window modeling working again on 10.7 right now.

I really don’t want to have to support two different modeling window styles, so I’m motivated to get this fixed, too.

Gulp… The image you show of the 10.7 limitation looks like it “might” be a small issue! :wink:

Glad to hear that you hope to bring Single Window back to 10.7 OSX. I’m hopeful, but based on the large differences you’ve encountered, I’ll try not to hold my breath.

I sympathize with Jeff’s comment about legacy hardware. That said, even with a newer computer (mine was purchased 1.5 years ago), there’s a whole host of reasons some folks have not gone to 10.8 yet. I’m aware of at least one very large university that is still running 10.7 even with newer computers.

Good luck with this, Marlin!

nah… it’s cool… seems like you could at least switch layers and enable history :smile:

[quote=“marlin, post:5, topic:5408”] I’m working on getting single window modeling working again on 10.7 right now.

i briefly worked with (501) / single window / 10.7.5 and so far, it seems super sweet with no problems…

i noticed something in the past couple of builds but i was going to hold off on saying something until the other more immediate bugs were squashed but it appears i don’t have to report it any longer… that being- if i had the left sidebar 2 icons wide then switched to full screen then back… the sidebar would be 3 icons wide…

so i’m not sure if either A) you worked on that some more or B) i can no longer replicate the problem but either way, it appears to be a non-issue now and the workspace is resetting properly when toggling fullscreen.

i have about 5hrs of modeling to do tonight so i’ll get a good chance to put it through its paces.

great progress the last few months :thumbsup:

[EDIT] hmm… actually, i think i spoke too soon… i just made the sidebar thing happen (and it’s actually the other way around from what i described… when going to fullscreen, the sidebar gets wider)… i think i found a way to reproduce it as well as preventing it from happening (per new window)… i really have to get started on this drawing right now so i’ll type up a description tomorrow.

that said, i can only make it happen on my laptop with mavericks and it’s not occurring on the macpro/10.7 but i can tell there’s something different happening between the two because on mavericks, the size adjustment of the left sidebar stops at 2 icons wide where as on lion, you can just keep sliding it over-- even if the viewports start covering up the icons.

In the next WIP release, the sidebars will stay the same width entering and exiting full screen mode, but only on 10.8 and later.

Keeping the sidebars a fixed width on 10.7 is a lost cause. The code that sets the sidebar widths is there, but is just getting ignored on 10.7. That’s why you can shrink the sidebars to nothing in 10.7. It doesn’t care.

Be thankful anything at all works on 10.7. :wink:

Cool! Single Window is back in 10.7 Thanks!!!

First blush is that the toolbar on the left can only go to 5 columns wide. While 3 would be great, one can be content with five. Four (if possible) may be a happy compromise since all snaps text below is still exposed.

Could maybe shift snaps to the left a tad and allow three tool columns and legibility, but these are niggles.

Will play more and report any other reactions or oddities.


heh. i already see the end is near and i’m okay with it even though i may be affected… i’m sure you’ll catch some internet flack for it but so be it…

strange… on my 10.7 computer, the left sidebar can go so small it disappears… there aren’t any restrictions/locking points as you’ll find on mavericks… (the latter being ‘better’ i think but i don’t mind the anything_goes of 10.7’s sidebars)

here’s a screenshot of the feb3 release on lion… you can barely see the command line and osnaps peeking out… i can still slide it over further if i choose… are you saying you can’t do this on lion?

[EDIT] oh… i guess maybe you’re saying you want the command line and osnaps to be in the side panel and you want to be able to shrink it while still being able to use those options?
i think the idea is that if you want to get your command line and osnaps in the left panel then it’s going to naturally be wider.

I absolutely love the new interface and features. Been using this beta Rhino here at work for the past 3 years and it has never failed. I’m def am one of the first to purchase this where I work when its released.

(OSX 10.7.5, v502)

I slid the modeling window all the way over the left sidebar… and can’t get the left sidebar back now!

ToggleLeftSidebar does nothing, nor does clicking.


(btw: thanks for bringing back the snaps in the left sidebar!)

heh… well my idiot self goes ahead and tries it on my 10.7 computer and yes… i lost it too. :smile:

luckily, a rhino relaunch brought it back… maybe you’ll get lucky too?

otherwise, you’ll possibly have to reset the preferences:

everything will go back to default state if you do that… export any macros prior so you can bring them back in… we can’t really import/export many other settings (yet?) so you’ll have to redo those.

Thanks, Jeff. Sadly, restarting either Rhino or my computer does not restore the left sidebar. :frowning:
I even tried launching the previous Rhino version. Nada.

Since I’m in the middle of writing a book (and using Rhino for many example files), I’ve got a lot of custom display modes and I imagine restoring the previous default prefs will delete these, right?

Marlin, any suggestions to restore the left sidebar, or might this be a simple tweak for the next release? (If so, I can wait before I try rebuilding everything back to default).

UPDATE: This problem is bigger than I thought. None of the prompts are displayed when executing a command if the sidebar can’t display.

When you run on 10.7, Rhino cannot prevent you from shrinking the sidebars to zero, so, don’t do that. :wink:

Upgrade to a newer version of OS X if you can.

In the meantime, you can fix your zero width sidebar with this:

  1. Quit Rhino.

  2. Start the Terminal application in Applications > Utilities. A command window opens.

  3. Type

    defaults write com.mcneel.rhinoceros User.Options.ThemeSettings.left_sidebar_width -float 160
    (all as one line) and press return.

[Edit] I see that Discourse has managed to wrap the command in just the wrong place. The end of the command you type should look like this:

-float 160

Quit Terminal and restart Rhino.

I’ll investigate a way to keep this zero value from sticking in the future.

Many thanks, Marlin!

Out of curiosity, is the future location of the command line married to the left sidebar? Maybe the behavior is different in 10.8, but when the left sidebar is collapsed, the command line is largely obscured (and as others have noted, the left sidebar expands if there are prompts in the command).

FWIW: I was a big fan of the older command line that popped up exactly where your cursor was (because that is where your eye was already focused). This behavior is permanently gone now, eh?


that’s still in there! (well, it doesn’t pop up under the cursor per se… it pops up where you put it but…)

Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Themes

choose ‘custom’ from the drop down.
check the box for ‘Use command options dialog’

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(Thanks, Jeff…)

My popup now shows up centered in the upper third of the screen (which is quite ducky), but how do you “place it”, if desired? Am I missing something obvious?