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@John_Brock, i am not a professional cook, but even on my stove there are always several pans and pots steaming and sizzling simultaneously :smiley: so pls guys get the windows version out soon that we macies get something to play with either :cherries:

@stevebaer that sounds to me like its cooking pretty well already i suddenly can smell a wip 6 chiming up hopefully not too far from now, i sure am ready to take a little bite :fork_and_knife: :smiley:

another thing which i wanted to point out when tabs got introduced, something which maybe could get a new thought when thinking again about Rhino 6 for Mac. it sadly got ignored completely at first, maybe it was the wrong time but pls have a look at this concerns because place is crucial:

starting with tabs which take a substantial amount of space away, seen as in Nr. 3 on the diagram which i made around a quick screenshot from @dan ’ movie --> only 2 tabs are open containing only 2 short words or lines still they cover the whole width of the screen.

talking about wasting area generally for Area Nr. 1 in the diagram could be eradicated completely, not only Rhino has this problem but many other applications as well take it for granted that this should be an acceptable loss of space which usually contains only one tiny little title but using a whole bar length for this. there are many applications which have done this aside, not only in full screen.

yes sure that can be avoided in mac rhino by going to full screen, just full screen has this terrible issue as some may be bothered with also, that its not possible to quickly navigate between several applications without those annoying and delaying blend over animations and other reasons.

Nr. 2 has at least a few words and yes you can switch this off but in the current state, its wenn shown still quite a waist of area.

Nr. 4 i did not manage to hide this, at least for me and maybe for others, completely obsolete feature. i mean for clicking on some views having 4 words displayed and again using the whole width of the screen. maybe somebody uses this even though its such an obsolete feature in my opinion… but even some may use this, at least let the people collapse or disable this loss of space.

Nr. 5 deals with a similar issue here for a few coordinates and a history which could be nicely integrated to the sidebar again the whole width of the screen is waisted.

now if you take all those together and see what i am talking about we soon have nothing to work on anymore… sure those with 30 inch screens can laugh, but thats still no reason not to use all given space sufficiently for working and concentrating on your model.

i saw somebody wanted to make a complete minimal custom skin for windows which lets you hide away everything expect the viewport, since customizing does not work yet and maybe can come in Rhino 6 i still want to underline the importance of user experience. there are power users i am sure who need nothing more then a few short cuts a decent mouse with macros or whatever they use and a command line to work with. other areas can be displayed anyway but at having the option for a clear and cleaned up sufficient workspace would be more than interesting.

maybe something to think about?

_NewFloatingViewport will do that.

fwiw, my modeling environment looks like this (with right screen edge toggling the right sidebar when i want… but shown here with my maximum amount of ‘clutter’)

idk, i personally find the current Rhino for Mac workspace to be incredibly customizable… especially when considering how most other mac apps work in this regard.

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Apologies for the delayed reply. There’s quite a bit to consider here.

I’m not sure I’m fully understanding. Are you saying that the entire title bar should be eliminated? There are many applications that have done this? What applications? macOS windows are macOS windows. Even if we could eliminate a document title bar, why should we? Where would the title and window controls…

…be placed? This leads me to believe I’m not understanding.

This area is well worth debating and I think there is “room for improvement.” We have a couple bugs on our list related to this and the suggestions below are tending toward the Rhino for Windows scheme. Anyway, I’m not sure what to do yet, but I think this is an area we could harvest more screen real-estate for expert users (in a configurable way).

Tabs are a macOS feature. We can’t control the width of these. If an application uses the macOS tabs - as we do - this is going to be consistent between applications. If you are an Evernote user, hit Command+T, and you’ll see what I mean.

You don’t have to use tabs, obviously, so this seems like a moot point to me.

Yeah, this area, like N.2 in your scheme, is ripe for improvement. However, the challenge with this area is what to do on small screens with translated (or named) viewports. For example, this area is quite small in Korean because the names do not have a wide width, but quite long in Japanese or German. We’ll have to mull this over more…again, there are some good ideas in the previous thread, but I just want to highlight the challenge for this area in particular.

I suspect this area will trend toward the Rhino for Windows UI configuration…

…but I’m not sure.

The genesis of this status area predates my time at McNeel, so I’m not sure why this area diverged from the Rhino for Windows area, with regard to the modeling aids (Grid Snap, Ortho, Planar, etc). @marlin probably remembers more why/when these migrated to the top.

Me too!

Besides _NewFloatingViewport, my custom default optimizes modeling space and utilizes screen edge toggling to popup pallets/sidebars. Works wonderfully even on a 32" 4k with ample space to spare.

Still, I’d like to see the ability to customize (add) to the dead space to the right of Perspective - Top - Front - Right.

Specifically, the ability to add additional saved views to this location, with the ability to alter their order. Under this scenario, perhaps the 4-view toggle could then use the first 4 views from left to right, when more than 4 are present. Single view would be derived from the active viewport regardless of how many views are present.


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yes… i think that would be sweet and something i’d almost positively use quite often.

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Hi Jeff
would you explain the way to remove the first bar?
[the one with the side toggles and grid snap and History… or #2 in Richard Z post ]

with thanks

Just right mouse click on top of that toolbar and choose hide toolbar.

thanks Jespizua
for some reason that option does not show here… [i do remember seeing it in the past though]


What OS are you running? I’m on El Capitan 10.11.6

Sierra 10.12.4

Maybe you can not do that anymore on Sierra?? We’ll have to wait for someone else running Sierra to see if this is a “new feature” or just your system.

found it.
it is now in the View manu

thanks a lot

unfortunately not fully, or i missed something, because switching to other viewports does not work with this window so not really what i am after. if this window could be usable exactly like the normal viewport and set as a standard viewport then yes definitely, it would be like the modular version which still was available before it turned into version 5 if i remember correctly, getting us stuck with an all in one window version which i did not appreciate much i must say

If it is possible?
it would be very helpful to add an option in: Options > Themes > Custom for users who wants to have max workspace to have the Modeling-Aids buttons available either on the View bar or the Status bar.
Just the modeling aid part so we can have a visual confirmation when any of these is on.

*in the edited screenshots here, side burs are shown to be on, but they are mostly off when I work, since I use the screen edges to turn them on and off, which is great!

maybe…? :slight_smile:

with thanks

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That´s how I did id. The sidebars are nearly always off.

You could turn the top sections off.

Have a look:

yes I know that, thank you,
but I like to have the Ribbon-Bar
it’s the other bar [the one you have on] that I find redundant]

Like this is would be very nice and clean option [to choose in Themes]
and will still allow to have a visual indication of what is on.
Especially History !
the way I work now, I can’t visually tell if I left it on or off…


Thanks for the graphics explaining what you would like.

In your custom theme, where would the sidebar toggles go?

hi Dan
thanks for having a look
I don’t know if I ever used these toggles, as the command short cut and the screen edges are much more convenient
but one way could be to add these to the View bar
maybe like so: