Rhino for Mac Wenatchee 5 Build 2014-02-11

There is a new Mac Work In Progress (WIP) build available, Wenatchee 2014-02-11.

This Mac release includes all applicable updates and fixes from Rhino for Windows V5.7 (SR7).

This Mac WIP release also includes these Mac-specific changes:

  • Additions:

    • Single window modeling has been greatly enhanced and is now the default. See the Single Window Modeling post for more information.
  • Fixes

    • When changing to a named view, the viewport labels did not update. This has been fixed.
    • Fix some glitches in the layout in single window modeling.
    • Some changes have been added to fix intermittent crashes that we cannot duplicate.
    • Other crashes have been fixed.
  • Bugs:

    • Artistic viewport mode crashes on Intel Iris GPUs and has been disabled when running on that GPU.

Please report any problems you find in the Rhino for Mac support forum.

Requires OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

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