Rhino User Interface (UI/UX)

Hello, Im big sorry, but I have to: Last changes of User Interface is a total disaster! I hope it is not final solution. Please do not another Autodesk…think diferent! Rhino is big CAD hope for MAC.

Hi Kamil,

You can change back to the previous UI in Preferences>Themes (⌘,) if the current one isn’t good for you. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the current UI which is planned to be the default but this like all design is quite subjective. To my knowledge, the other UI will continue to be available to you in Themes.

hey brain. hey irou…

the old UI is available via the command TestSingleWindowModeling

i was under the impression that UI will eventually be phased out… @marlin would have to clarify.

Yes, that is my understanding as well… So better start getting used to it now, I guess… IMHO, the new one is way better than the old.

So, to turn the question around - what is it that you need that the new user interface doesn’t address? It would be good to have specific information on what isn’t working for you.


Thanks for info, I am grateful for the ability to switch back …

If I will have more time, I try prepare something about it.

Hi, there are some comments… in images…
I’m user of big screen and this is not frendly user interface…I would like my maximum workspace.
Sorry for the full size picture, but I think it is necessary for the explanation.

Fundamentally I believe I was a good decision to go with single window modeling mode. However I think the current UI has to be rethink. In contrary to Irou I’m using 13" laptop. Single Window Modeling feels just wrong to me.

I could Imagine Rhino to be something like this:


I absolutely agree with Mikolay.
Next example of good UI is SketUp, it work for me, absolutly minimalist design still got everything I need.
When I design UI try to stick to the rule of 80/20 (Pareto Principle)…this thinking is way out.

Some of this can be addressed in your preferences:

  1. If you use the layer drop down at the top, you can have something else in the right sidebar - Views, CPlanes, etc… Hopefully in the future we can have more choices of types of panels we can show in there and maybe more than two panels.

Otherwise, you can just close the right sidebar completely. You can have the layers pallet floating if need be… but the idea is that you bring it out when you need with the button at the top right. It is also possible to configure the sidebars to pop put when you mouse to the left or right edge.

  1. In Preferences>Themes, if you check “Use command options dialog” and not “Command options in sidebar”, when you use commands, the left sidebar will not pop out anymore. You can also size it down to only two buttons wide if you do this.

But I would agree on a couple of your points here:

  1. I don’t know why the Mac interface requires that Ortho, Planar, etc. be up at the top (they’re at the bottom in Windows) but particularly why that band needs to take up so much space. We do need some space up there to put the close/minimize buttons for the window, but it seems like the band could be made narrower…

  2. I also think the view tabs should be optional as they are in Windows, turning them off could save space for those who do not want them. For those people that think this is just wasted space, remember that you can have as many named views as you want - including layouts when they are implemented - so for those that do have a lot of views, these tabs can be useful and the names could fill across the entire screen.


(point 2 on your screenshot) - the layers/osnap/properties up top are different than the right sidebar in that the panel automatically disappears when you move your mouse off it… the right sidebar will stay open if you choose regardless of where the mouse is…

in my case, i have the command ToggleRightSidebar assigned to the right screen edge so when i move the mouse to the right edge of the screen, the panel appears… if i do it again, it closes.
(preferences-> Mouse-> Screen Edges)

another toggle command i use is ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor assigned to a thumb button on my mouse… (Preferences-> Mouse-> Buttons)… with this setting, the osnap panel comes up under my cursor when i push the assigned button and disappears when i push the button again or move my cursor off the panel.

with those settings, i no longer need the osnap panel in the left sidebar so i turn it off… i also use the pop up style command dialog so i don’t need the command line in the left side bar either so i turn that off as well then shrink my left toolbar to two icons wide (my left toolbar is Main+Standard which eliminates the need for a standard toolbar across the top of the window).

ie- my Preferences-> Themes is set like this:

then i drag the left sidebar to be two icons wide…

i usually work in full screen mode (ctrl-cmmd-F or via the double arrow icon at the top right) and my working environment is like so:

in which my right sidebar, osnap panel, and command line are all readily available but only visible when i need them…

idk, i work like this on a 15"mbp and i think it’s a great use -or- definitely acceptable use of space.

[Edit]- regarding your (@irou) point #7 on the screenshot… those two things aren’t the same functionality… if you have a single viewport showing, you can switch views using the names in the top bar… to do that using the names within each viewport, you have to double click the name first to go back to 4view then double click again on another viewport name to expand back to single viewport… it’s a lot easier/faster to just switch using the top bar in that scenario.

i’m not trying to say everything is ‘perfect’ as is but most of the UI changes i’d like to see aren’t possible without changing rhino itself (windows/core rhino)… just saying-- go through/experiment with the preferences… the UI is more customizable than you may think and some of your concerns can be addressed via different settings.

I also used to have the layer and object property panels appear when hitting the right screen edge. I just found it annoying that the modelling windows shrink when the panel appears. I’d like to have it “floating” over the modelling windows (semi-transparent, for instance) and automatically close when I move the cursor of the panel. No need to hit the screen edge again and no flickering-re-sizing of the modelling environment. The transparency would perhaps need to be adjustable …
Thanks :smile:


Actually… transparency isn’t needed at all if the panel is auto-hiding…


you can still float the layer panel using the Layer command… there used to be (iirc) a toggle command for it but it’s not in there anymore… the properties panel still has a toggle command - ToggleObjectPropertiesPanel

This works as an alias to toggle a floating layer panel:
-_Layer _Visible=_Toggle _Enter

You need an additional _Enter for the Mac as opposed to Windows…


oh… right… that’s how i used to toggle it… i thought there may have been a specific command but after seeing your post, i remember doing it via an alias.

Yeah, but that’s still a toggle, right…? I’d like the panel to auto-hide when a move the cursor of the panel…


Don’t think that’s currently possible…

Yeah, well, it’s a wish then :smile: