Rendering examples using Rhino's built-in renderer

I’m curious what can be achieved using Rhino’s built-in Rendering. It’s hard to gauge due to the fact that it’s hard to filter internet search results and know what one is looking at.

My goal is simply to do basic architectural renderings, not necessarily photo-realism (maybe I’ll work up to that though).

In Rhino WIP - that is upcoming Rhino 7 the render engine of Rhino Render is powered by Cycles. Here are some examples picked from our very own Gallery section

I haven’t seen too many architectural renderings yet, but you should be able to do that just fine with Rhino Render in Rhino 7 (and Raytraced in Rhino 6, as they are powered by the same engine)

Some examples of the render engine used outside Rhino maybe can show you its capabilities:

On Netflix you can find the film Next Gen, also rendered with Cycles.


Here I make one: [FEEDBACK] My first Rhino Cycles Render using Rhino 7 WIP

A simple example Rh7 Cycles Render vs Redered in realtime