Rhino Rendering

Hello, I’m having troubles in rendering with different engines in rhino i want to achieve realistic renders but i feel like render engines for rhino are weak compared to other softwares like if we compared vray for rhino and 3dsmax the max is version is much better…also there isn’t alot of courses or tutorials for rendering in rhino like the sources are much less so i was wondering what did you guys do to achieve realistic renders specially for architecture in different engines .
Please share your experience in that subject as i want to improve in rendering.

Hi @ahmedsabrah26
I haven’t used Vray for years, so I’m not to comment on just how much ahead the Max version is, but as for tutorials, you should - if you haven’t already - take a look at Flying Architecture. There’s a few detailed archviz tutorials (you need to register, but most - if not all - are free).
HTH, Jakob

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thank you

have you watched both-


Yes, Definitely but rhino native renderer doesn’t do good with architecture renders or maybe it does and i just need the right direction for it

don’t write irhino render (cycles) off for arch viz… we have seen good results here in our testing- @scottd and @Vanessa have done some nice work, as well as this thread- Rhino Cycles interior Scene (closed)

I don’t do much arch viz, so I’m not a good resource for advice on it, but many others here are-


Hi @ahmedsabrah26 - When you say architecture renderings, are you referring to exterior or interior renderings? You’re right that traditionally, Rhino hasn’t been good at calculating interior scenes. However, Rhino 7 took it’s first steps by making Cycles the native engine and adding support for indirect lighting. The link @theoutside posted above is a good example. Here’s another example:

What we need to work on are tutorials to walk users through the process. If you have models, we might be able to help you set the lighting.


Thank you i will try it out and ask on the forums for help to make better resaults

i’m referring to both of exterior and interior these renders are great i will definitely try it out and ask for advice on the forums to make better results, yea i guess my problem is the lack of tutorials

Hi @ahmedsabrah26 - Sounds good :-). As for exteriors, there haven’t been a lot of changes on that end, that I am aware of. There is one that is small but nice to have. You can increase the intensity for the Sun.


I just bought vray for rhino course from https://www.learnvray.com

I think it is very good course and it gave me a lot of knowledge how to get photorealistic render.

Yes, there is price tag, but I feel it was very good investment to the future.

Thinking also to invest to some vray max courses, but not sure enough how much is the difference between vraymax and vray rhino. Maybe I’ll just get frustrated to try to create same in vrayrhino as shown on vraymax course…

Hello Vanessa and Kyle ( I do not see how you can reply to more than one person at a time) ,

I would be so happy - as I suspect others would be to- if I could become skilled at doing renderings that are truly “photo-realistic” within Rhino without any other plug-ins.

Personally I am keenly interested in renderings of jewelry with precious metals and stones. Ideally if I could develop a set up “studio” template where I have my light(s) , “base” materials i.e.some metals / with some different finishes , and gem stone materials, backdrop, environment etc.with good baseline settings and various “elements” e.g. lights on separate layers that would be very advantageous.

I do not doubt that excellent rendering results can be achieved within Rhino 7 as the above and link images attest to.

However, I am finding that when I make a file that has layers with for example, different texture back plate objects on them for a pendant the files starts to get pretty big and some sluggishness ensues. as I pan and turn on and off different layers. Even in shaded mode I use up around 90% of my V RAM (8GB card) and some of the layers are turned off. Granted there are a good many objects in the file but the fundamental jewelry` object is small - say at the “building stage” 2 cm wide 3,5 cm tall .5 cm thick.

Rendering in Rhino 7 tutorials are much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi @litwinaa,

See if this tutorial on rendering jewelry in Rhino 7 helps with your set up.

Regarding the sluggish file, it could be render mesh density or something else file specific. Hardware is also a factor of course but 8GB of VRAM should be good for most scenes. Upload the file at Rhino - Upload to Support and put a link in the comments back to this thread as well as saying for BrianJ and I can take a look for you.