Subd and rendering testing - stilleto

More subd/ rendering testing


now we only have to find cinderella to fit those shoes on!

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I like how you did the stitches. Can you explain your approach?

Jimmy CHOO?
Louis vuitton heel?
mistaken for a moment.

SO -BEAUTx5IFUL black n red~ :star_struck:

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It’s a curve with a dashed line type applied, then curve piped and render mesh extracted.

Sneaky workflow, but is quite effective.

You can make all sorts of line types to get all sorts of effects this way.

You don’t have to extract the render mesh, but if you do it’s “real” and can be printed.

@BrianJ was the one who taught me this-


Great rendering, but as a shoemaker I must say I do not like the shape. The sole is much to wide between heel and ball. If you are interested I will post a 3D shoe last scan that has a better “fit”. Unless you are a last designer, using this last as a template/3D canvas will give you a much more realistic shape.

It certainly looks convincing. It looks to me that you also did something to resemble the holes of the stitches. Is that the case or is it optical illusion?

We would love to work on an actual last. If you have one you can send us that would be great.

Also, have you had a chance to try to convert a last using Quadremesh > subd. Or a last scan mesh > Quadremesh > subd > ToNurbs? We think it might improve some of the last models, even existing NURBS lasts.

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Hi Scott, here is a high heel last, scanned with my Artec spider scanner.
This last is a “Mother last”, used as a template in mechanical copying machines. These lasts are carefully made by craftsman in a last factory, and were copied in large quantities an different sizes (the grading was done mechanically!) to be used in shoe factories.
This Dutch company went broke, and I bought a lot of these lasts about 20 years ago, to prevent them from getting destroyed, and to preserve these pieces of industrial heritage.
You can see some of these last on my Sketchfab page:

Yes, I have used QuadRemesh on lasts, and the results are better then anything I have seen before.
But using these method leaves me with the problem that I do not have full control over where the edges and grips get located. In my case that is very important, since I want to be able to adapt the last in very specific ways. So my current workflow is to model a last with the layout I want from scrap, deform this last so it comes very close to the scan, and then pull the editpoints to the scan. A lot more work, but that gives me the editable last I want.

I also tested the new Pack option in the ToNurbs command, but for my workflow that also leaves me with a last that is not “editable” enough. For other goals it seems a very useful command, especially when the small patches that still occur can be avoided.

The attached scan is free for anyone to use. Enjoy!
Erik Hondebrink
Untitled.3dm (3.2 MB)


illusion :wink:

The lasts you have up there are great.

Using one of the lasts and a couple projected curves, quadremesh and the result a SubD that can be modeled upon. super quick from mesh > smooth subD.