Rhino 6 Rendering tutorial

Is there something more comprehensive than the Kyke Houchens ego blast on rendering in Rhino 6?


are you looking for specific info? I’d be happy to help (if my ego can take it) :wink:


Thanks Kyle. Sorry for the snark! Since I abandoned rendering in Rhino ages ago, I was looking for a tutorial that would bring me up to speed more or less from square one. I went looking in the help files but they are not exactly user friendly. Any chance you have something on Lynda.com or elsewhere that’s more comprehensive regarding new stuff in V6?


So far we just have the current video- we are currently in production of a level 2 on demand that has a rendering section in it, but I’m guessing based on your site, you are well beyond lv 2 for most things.

with the new raytracing mode in v6, there are really only a few components you need to get great looking stuff: material’s (now all drag and drop with easy to understand sliders) an environment (the default one is pretty decent, but you can always add your own) and a great model- lighting is not really even necessary anymore as the render will light from the hdri environment, however you can always use lights like you have before (spots, panels, point, directional, etc…all work like v5)

the benefit is now in raytraced mode its wysiwyg as opposed to a “fiddle and test fiddle and test” style render engine. It works more like keyshot or bunkspeed than rhino render of old-

give it a go, and if you have specific questions send them here, and I’ll do my best to answer, or hit tech on mondays and you’ll likely get me (or JB)

fwiw Brian james uv mapping video is still valid if you need to do more advanced texture stuff- a simple google search will get it to you-

looking forward to your thoughts after you use it a bit-

Terrific Kyle. Thanks for your help and your time. I’ll start playing around and see how it goes.


Kyle, you are too kind.

only way to roll my friend! :slight_smile: