More v7 subd/rendering testing- denoiser speed

check the specs at the bottom…21.91 seconds.

v7 rhino render on an i9 pc/ rtx 5000 - nvidia denoiser active.


Wheel’s look impressive.

They are a simple revolve with subd spokes! (they are not even trimmed… just smooshed in there… shhh! don’t tell)

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Looks quite promising!

Can you briefly explain about the Nvidia denoiser? I don’t see it in my post effects in v7. Or is it an RTX-only feature of some sorts?

still in non public beta here atm… it’s coming soon!
We have to get the sdk of rhino v7 set before we can release them into the wild.

It will be a simple plugin you download (nvidia or intel for non nvidia users, and even an amd version for the mac if all goes as planned) Once installed, it becomes available in the post effects of the standalone render window.

You can save it as a default set up and the realtime raytraced mode will use it as well, but you have to set it up and save it in the standalone 1st.

Perfectly understandable! I’m just a curious cat, thank you for the thorough explanation! :slight_smile:

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Is the denoiser something that will only work on the RTX cards, or will I get to use it on my GTX 1060?

should work on your card-
if it does not, the intel denoiser should-

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Cool! I’m looking forward to playing with this once it goes public!

they are!

Installed, tested, and MIND BLOWN! This is what my rendering looks like at 5 seconds! This used to take about 4 minutes to look this clear.

Thank you for the link!

right!!! when I say denoisers are a game changer…I mean GAME CHANGER!!

great pieces!


Certainly we will look again if workarounds can be found for the technical issues, but for now releasing a Mocha plug-in is not a viable option sadly.