Electric concept motorcycle (Holomark3)

This is the model for Holomark3 that I just finished.
It’s a concept design for an electric cafe racer, fully modeled in Rhino and rendered with the Raytraced display mode (Cycles engine) at 500 samples in 4.01 minutes on a GTX 1070.

Made with classic surface modelling, solid modelling, blocks, nested blocks, curvepiping, edge softening etc.

Some details:
(these are lower resolution and done in just over 1 minute each)

The shaded version:

The rendered (OpenGL) version:
(Here I use one spotlight and a HDRI for light and reflections. Light box with the other two lights are turned off)

And the complete setup:
No HDRI’s, just two rectangular lights in a black environment, set up in an old fashioned “light box” with one wall missing.


Love this holo…Really appreciate your setting notes too!!

the motorbike is very stylish
the modeling is also clean

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