Organic shapes in Rhino 6

I would like to get to know some plugins for Rhino. I design jewelry and would like to work with Grasshopper plugins. The aim is to create shapes like the attached picture. I heard about T-Splines, but it’s not for Rhino anymore afaik.
Anyone can help me how to start?

Thank you!

if you own v6- grab the beta of v7 and then look at these links for the new subd tools-

Thanks!! That’s exactly what I need!:slight_smile:

Hey @theoutside,

can you tell me how you would start drawing the rings I attached in this post? I’m especially curious about the hole and the soft edges.

subd is topology is pretty simple, if you think-
“how would I make this out of post it notes?”

do your patch layout like that and your model will build itself.

if you made it out of nurbs, then you’d do a similar patch layout but with larger swept surfaces.

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