NEW! - Weekly Subd modeling challenge

We are going to start a weekly modeling challenge using Rhino v7 wip subd. We want you to learn, we want to learn from you, and hopefully have a little fun.

here’s how it’ll work…

We’ll post a simple image and a few hints- you give it a go and post your results on this thread
We’ll follow up a week or so later with a video showing our methods of building the same part, and we can all hopefully learn more about Subd together!

1st challenge: Build a hand.

hints: lay it out flat and then make it 3d. remember mirror and join work on subd-
Bonus for fingernails, skin wrinkles and a forearm-
mega bonus for renderings that actually look realistic!

have fun!


Cool challenge!

Here is a WIP picture of the process so far:

A bit more details:


NIIIICE!! Are the fingernails separate parts, or did you make them part of the hand?

regardless, very well done!

Yes, they are separate parts. And they were a something that I wanted to adjust a bit more since the skin didn’t flow around them nicely. So here that is adjusted.

Still not perfect, but this isn’t a money build, so I think I’ll leave it at this :slight_smile:
(The curvature of the nails is a bit too flat)
I also adjusted the knockles a bit so they are slightly better on this image:


I’m not sure whether this is quite in the spirit of things - built the wireframe in Rhino WIP, exported to Blender, sculpted there under a subd modifier, then brought back into Rhino and made back into a SubD. But I find that this does make for pretty good results, even if the wireframe is a bit shoddy.


not he exact intent, but happy to see the process regardless- Ideally I’d love to see you do the whole thing in v7 and let us know how it goes!

Just tried to give this a go. I realized after starting to make this 3d I forgot to add a few extra faces, especially on the thumb. How would I go about creating an extra edge here after it’s already 3d?

I tried using insert edge to try and get a new loop around the thumb by selecting these edges:

But that doesn’t seem to work:

Do I really need to do insert edge on each face?

200504 Hand.3dm (155.2 KB)

Ok, inserting edges one by one doesn’t seem to work too well either. It seems stuck on that corner on one side here:

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just extrude the end of the thumb one more time and drag the faces to match your shape, that is a fast fix for this.

Thanks for the tip! I was also just providing feedback to improve the tools, because I mean, this is supposed to work the way I’m trying, right?

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it should yes… can you post the mode so I can peek at it? I’m curious why it didn’t work-

The model is in my first post above here

here is a video of my take on last weeks subd challenge ! I’ll post a new one wednesday!

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A bit to late for the challenge, but modeling wemt slowly. My hand is broken (!) Hope you like the model.

Hand SubD wires

Hand mediaal Hand plantair


well done!! Any things you’d like to see changed or improved from this experience?

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Rerendered the hand in the scene I made for the whiskey glass:

Only changes were altering the angle of the arm so it leans the hand on the ground, angled the hand a bit (SubD rocks for soft changes like that!), altered the angle of the bracelet so it leans on the wrist and ground, changed the skin tone a bit and darkened the nails a bit. (So minor changes only)

Using PBR emission materials on two boxes to light a scene is intuitive and gives smooth shades, but doesn’t work for OpenGL obviously.

Lockdown is taking you into some weird places dude :crazy_face:


Oh, you’ve seen nothing yet… :wink:
Here’s some weirder work in progress stuff for ya:

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There we go…

Have to say… the whole SubD thing is growning on me. Whipping up ideas and sketches and modifying organic stuff like this is a huge step forward for designing complex stuff.
(And now I consider my self done with this learning project)


Well done!!!