Subd challenge 10

This is an old sketch I did in car design school a looooong time ago… I always liked it so I’m dusting it off for this weeks challenge-

Full build time lapse here:

model here: BIKE_BUILD.3dm (13.0 MB)

I’d love to see you take this, copy it, improve it or do you own from scratch!

viva la SubD!


This SubD challenge must of all think of bike FRAME … MultiPipe
so, I searched a lot on the Pin or street looked bike and bicycle so on.

MultiPipe is an advanced tool for frame.
More deep complicated development, I want to be able to adjust it in flexible segments count.

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viva la SubD!


great!! thanks for sharing!!

Okay so a bit late, only say this Saturday night, but thought I’d have a go.
First time using R7 and Sub-D :slight_smile:

Wanted to see how Sub-D compared to mesh modelling in 3ds. Glad we finally have our own version of T-Splines.

Decided to model a bike with ‘relatively’ complex geometry to push Sub-D.
It’s the Lightning LS218 electric motorbike for those interested.

Don’t expect it to be perfect as I only had an off-perspective side view and no blueprints.
Materials are just slapped on so don’t go zooming in on any of those textures :wink:

Mechanics not modeled, as I wanted to keep this mainly Sub-D and only wanted to spend a day or so doing it.

Parts in White are Sub-D modelled.
Black parts are some grabs and nurbs just to add a bit of detail.

Note: I didn’t use any curves for modelling Sub-D surfaces.



wow…fantastic work!! I couldn’t be happier to see this level of work coming out of the SubD tools
(with all due credit to some serious talent behind it )


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Thank you very much :sweat_smile:

I must admit it was a little touch and go at first, but seeing some of the amazing models yourself and the community has been putting out; I figured I could get there eventually.


any hard roadblocks or painful bits along the way?

Any chance you’d post the model? I’d love to pick at your wireframe and see how you got there.

No pressure if you’d rather not… totally understand.

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Okay so here it goes.

Below is the final ‘soft’ wireframe of the build.

In order to get around the issue of adding ‘edge loops’ really close together that ‘kink’ the surface, I first create a base mesh (the closest I can get to the final shape with evenly spaced edges) and then add all the edge loops on top. This way I only have to slide the edges, as they’re already following the final shape I want.

I had some issues when creating this model.

The main one seemed to be when selecting multiple edge loops then adding edges is does it either side where 2 different edge loops meet. Rather than forcing it to one side (all adjacent faces are quads below).

Secondly and I know this is a long shot, but a really great function of modelling in 3ds is that you can ‘stack’ modifiers.

So say I made a ring and then decided to subdivide it and add some smaller detail. I can choose for all 3 of those steps would be saved in separate history states. So instead of me having to save individual copies of the model at different stages. I can just delete a stage or go back and edit the original base model which then updates the other states.
Obviously deleting the subdivide state in the example above would destroy the detailing stage, but the process is one of the reasons I moved from Maya to 3ds for meshes.

Like I said that’s a long shot but really useful in keeping file sizes low and going back to edit.
Not trying to turn Rhino into 3ds just a useful function on a similar modelling style.

Other than this, Sub-D is turning out to be really useful.
Keep up the great work!!!


Definitely. The fact you can’t Thicken a SubD and Soften it over the top using the existing modifiers (and for it to work) is a shortcoming IMO.

_Subdivide - command.

For fine work:

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