SubD challenge 4- Fading Hull Chine

Heres one for you boat folks… A fading hull chine, and fading beltline fore/aft-

hint, I started with a side view “paper doll” and then pulled half the boat into shape before using mirror and join. Bonus if you get the fade from the front of the boat to the back on the top of the beltline.

here are more views to work with-

Fading creases …

nice! your is likely much more nautically accurate than mine! :wink:

As an exercise, try this… delete a few horizontal edges towards the nose of the boat that you used to make the crease, leaving some ngons… notice how it softens even more. Also notice how you may need to go into box mode and adjust for theose edges being gone to get your shape back… Always try to remove as much stuff as possible to get smoother results. If you delete something and it wrecks your shape irreparably, just undo and put them back!

That is my strategy too. For this model I added bevels around some edges, to fade the creases better and get some smaller radiï. That increased the amount of faces significantly, but these extra edges are also easy to remove.
The strategy to start with a minimum of faces would become a lot easier if adding edges in a simple SubD did not alter the shape. That is already on the list, hope it will soon be realised.