SubD Challenge 8!

Here’s a new one… the idea here is to get sharp/soft to work together, while hitting a sketch…We want to be able to control the model so it doesn’t look all melted and overly soft.

I was going to do a time lapse on this but the video got away from me, and so I’ll just hand over the model instead so you can dissect and study it. I was into this about 5.5 hrs total including the sketch and some start/stops-

take a peek, give it a go and feel free to ask any questions!


  1. I used SubD loft a lot for making panels, then bridged them together to make my transitions. Think of the lofted bits as your “surfaces” and the bridges as your “fillets” There is a curve layer you can use to decipher my topo layout.

  2. Remember the lighter you can keep your model, the smoother it will be the and easier it will be to control.

  3. Don’t be afraid to delete edges until the shape falls apart, then add that last one back in.

  4. Use box mode (tab) to keep your model clean…do most of your major modeling in box mode, then switch to smooth for refinements. Keep your box model clean and don’t let stuff get all crazy and overlapping.

Have fun and please post your results! Sketch and model and curves included- scooter.3dm (2.7 MB)


  1. Sub-D
    I miss the workflow in the middle of working,
    need to see the workflow again on the Rhino’s official YouTube channel.

  2. Question
    I am wondering if the decal is not displayed in the rendering image.
    Watch how decals work on Rhino’s official YouTube channel and head-light go on
    How did you work on the decal?

  3. Thought
    In my opinion_ I recommend Sub-D as a great tool for working on product design.
    For McNeel who developing Rhino as a better modeling tool
    Leave a message in thanks.

Best Regards,

not quite sure what you mean here… can you clarify?

just a material applied with planar mapping specified. not a decal.

thanks for the kind words! let us know more opinions as you you keep using it!

I am a beginner who came along with the Sub-d development process.
The lack of skill seems to require more and more
practice to express goodness,
I think that lack of understanding shape should look at that understand the experiences
of the seniors who worked.

I have to express it and experience it to find out what is lacking and fill the gap.
-Respected seniors who work in the that field.-

Sub-d have FUN~ but Starting point~

It’s my rhino skill level. I need to observe and practice rhino skill up!

Like any other topic I found, Sub-D challenge is a great progress topic
and in my field I need to work on some topics and thought on them.
In this regard, I think the Rhino McNeel Forum is an archive
of thoughts and experiences user in the professional group.
8 years ago, their talked about the subject and thought about the Groping.
In the future, I hope that Sub-D challenge will become a treasure warehouse
that other user (like me~) can see, reference, and Groping about modeling and field.

False color is good working. Rendering to 3d modeling and 2d pictures~ feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Kyle is the undisputed master of TSplines (which is what I assume SubD is based upon), but even he will admit that it cannot model complex shapes like car bodies, at least it couldnt the last time I tried.

You need the capability of spline curves to get long smooth surfaces and the flexibility of TSplines to go around all the akward corners . Has SubD encorprated that?

Thanks for the kind words, but I have to disagree about car bodies… It can do car bodies, and quite nicely I might add…

also fwiw, our subd is not tsplines based- It’s catmull clark based, was written fresh in house here by the unsinkable Dr. Dale Lear (with supporting help from many Mcneelies) and and is a much less fragile than early Tsplines was. I understand Tsplines has come a long way since Autodesk bought it, but when I was there it was still pretty easy to bork your model pretty bad.

Our set up is super flexible, meaning you can make ugly stuff with terrible topology, and it won’t break or crash in my experience so far. I have been POUNDING on it here and it’s performed really nicely. With this and the new render tools updates, I’m really excited about v7!

see these posts-

this one for more-

this one for a basic starting point layout-

and a David Bently video (not with rhino) but great for subd layout and modeling concepts.

Hi All
So I spend more time on this than planned, because it was so much fun. Suspension, brakes, tires, rim and hub motor are hack’n’slash from various motorcycle models on the web; body, frame, seat etc. are of course Rhino sub-d’s. Not the look I’d personally go for, but I thought it would be fun to go all-in on the dynamic curves for this one :slight_smile:


Nicely done!!
Any roadblocks or friction with the tools as you were building?