SUBD Challenge 5!

If you remember me from the tsplines days, this will be familiar…

I tried to turn it up a bit with fading surface details and some nurbs booleans and detailing at the end. I recorded my build so I’ll edit that footage together and get it posted in a week or so (can’t reveal all my secrets too early;-) I’ll post my model in a few days as a hint and for study, but I want you to try from scratch first…

Pretty happy with the result given the time put into it, could always be better, but that’s life as a designer eh?

and please post your results- good and bad, and any pain or friction points along the way-


Original sketch (no comments on my scrubby drawing… :wink:

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lovely edge~ :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to see this project again, Kyle. I’m so rusty on T-Splines, that I’m looking forward to the tutorial. Sure glad Rhino picked up the baton!


This one was fun but got away from me a bit and turned into a 4hr build…

BUT… I’m happyish with how it came out…could be better in several areas (insert overly critical designer nitpicking sequence) , but that would have been a full day build to make it “done” so I decided to pull the plug at this point and hope that there are some useful insights to be gained by watching me beat on it -

Speaking of rusty, T-Splines had a pretty nice set of video tutorials. Is Rhino planning on the same for SUBD?

if onnnnnnly rhino now had the guy that used to do those… >casually points to self<


(non sarcastic answer: yes, we are going to be doing lots of those…if you remember I did the iron for tsplines way back when…thus this challenge)

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Good news, Kyle. Looking forward to those very much. Thank you.

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Another day with time to spare… here’s a 60’s inspired iron for ya:

All subd except the cord which is a curve with curvepiping.


Old coal iron in 10’

all sub-d and cagedit good result


Nice! That’s an good era for inspiration :grinning:


Here is a time lapse of my entire build… it was about a 2:47 min total model, but I sped it up so it goes by in under 30 min.

I love what you all did with this one! keep it up!!



that is very cool!! I love the styling! You are seeing the power and especially the speed of subd now!!

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Hi All
So not an iron as such, but a quick sketch of a garment steamer concept. Pain points were mainly my own lack of sub-d experience, so getting the ridge along the edge right took too long, but I learned a lot. Still a lot of details missing, but I think I’ll leave it here for now - it’s great fun doing these challenges @theoutside - keep’em coming :slight_smile: And shut lines on Sub-D’s are great - easy to add little details quickly. Now McNell just need to squash the “can’t hide objects with shut lines without recalculating the whole thing”-bug mentioned in another thread.



Let’s hope grandma doesn’t use it next to the phone, or her ear might get burned if someone calls :smile:

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This is you!!


Awesome work!! keep it up!!


I’m not quite sure what to make of being compared to Murray’s “Bob Wiley” character - hopefully you (or anybody else, for that matter) won’t go full Richard Dreyfuss and plot to kill me because I’m an annoying neurotic :crazy_face:
I need to find and rewatch What About Bob!

ha! no… just tapping into Bob’s unbridled enthusiasm about doing something new! no sinister implications intended or implied- :wink:

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