Organic shapes

Any tips on making a planter like this?
I’m pretty comfortable with rhino but organic stuff like this is always a bit of a struggle. Would the subd tools in rhino 6 help? or am I better off in a different program?

Hello - this looks Sub-d ish to me. There is probably a workflow in the V6 sub-d stuff that would get you there - but I’m not sure I can help beyond saying ‘have a play’. I think MeshFromLines will be helpful, then SubD the result…


I believe that you can use NURBS to achieve results. :wink:

There are many ways to model things like this, not always explicit Sub-D but you can take some time and play with control poins on simple shapes like spheres, sweeps and so on.
If you only have one reference you can use it as wallpaper in the perspective and work with that.


What did you do to close the sweep2 legs and the head?
Blendsrf with edges split?

hello Toshiaki in this video I show how to solve surfaces like those.



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Would you mind posting the model or some more detail on the head? I can’t quite figure that part out.


Thanks. I was trying to figure out how you got the muzzle as one piece. Blend edge clears that up for me.

It can be done with one surface but it takes more time with control point edit. Maybe with several closed curves as sections and then use the _loft command, closing the shape with points at each end.

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Hello, I could say one of the actual problems with modeling in Rhino, is people sees the object as an “entire” object instead of separate geometry. First of all, you need to identify that your models is a complex result of many small models and then, start to work one per one. I think is a correct way to think and solve the pieces that you need to create.