Sub d challenge 6!

Shoe!..gotta admit this one kicked my butt, most likely because I’ve never built a shoe before, and also because I started outside in (sole to last) , instead of inside out (last to sole)…

I learned (after I was done…) that you start from the inner last and layer on top of it, working outwards… I also learned that using several subd’s together works better than one big massive subd. I also learned that popping to nurbs for detailing works really well and you should have no fear or hesitation for doing so.

I can’t wait to see what you all do with this one!

Attached are my image, model and sketch I started from… Shoe.3dm (5.4 MB)


Hi Kyle

Sub-d workflow’s disturbed sole.

watching you-tube channel to remind you’r modeling iron.

thank you Kyle!


awesome!! definite improvement over mine!

Here is my attempt, I had serious problems with the InsertPoint command since the mesh in polygonal mode is very messy and does not display well where the new line will be.


anther type shoes modeling new version m,m;;

more steady and flexible shape

trial and error but have fun together!!


looks amazing!!

so here’s where I say take the time to clean up your box mode mesh, a clean mesh is much easier to manage, and will be much easier to edit.

clean box mode= clean smooth mode

thanks for the input!

I still see a big difference between 3dmax and subd


…And those difference are, exactly? (not being snarky, I’m genuinely interested)

the mess that is generated with the subds and how difficult it is to add InsertPoint, maybe it should be that I still haven’t mastered the subd but I think it would be very good to be able to add a line without having to convert it into a polygonal mesh.
on the other hand I also do not achieve the same rounding that I achieve using mesh

you never have to convert a subd to mesh… simply toggle from box mode to smooth mode using the tab key… keep your box mode nice and tidy and the smooth model will run very well.

FWIW most modeling should be done in box mode, toggle to smooth model just for minor adjustments and to review your progress.


I Hope this helpful

LINK- Creamy and Crunchy SubDs


Late to the party, but still…
Not a pretty shoe, but good exercise in modeling on top of something (in this case a 3D scanned foot dl’ed of the interwebs). I might just build the rest of the skater boy wearing this :slight_smile:

Yes! Dying to see the rest of the character … I see a very Aardman style developing here…

suggestions for pushing forward, look at beveling some edges to get some sharp to balance out your soft, and don’t be afraid to jump to nurbs to add details!

fwiw- look to the skull challenge for inspiration on making the head, and challenge 1 for making the hands! :wink:

(see?’s alllll coming together…I snuck up and taught you all some stuff… :wink: )

Thanks for this exercise. I forced myself to work only with SubD.

I started twice. First I tried to place point by point and edge by edge. No good strategy. At some point I used the toggle subD command very often to clean up.

Then, set xyz, bend, smooth works very well to control polygon of subD. It was much easier to me working with the control points.

At the end I figured out extracting some surfaces from the SubD for coloring will change the geometry, if there are no creases. So no color this time.


Wow it is neat and stable Sub-D work flow :heart_eyes:

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But my exercise was only for “Chocolate Shoes”.
SubD Wip.
(Various Dimensions_Colors_and Likes:(white,melk,donker,…vainilla,etc).
Test it…“Choco3D_Winkels”!.



Great work! nice light topology, and your part fits are much nicer than mine- well done!

A bit late, but here is my shoe, modeled in SubD (except the eylets).
I did not start from a sketch, but from a 3D shoe last scan. I started by drawing some essential curves on the last (SnapToMesh is very helpful while doing that).
I missed the option to pull curves to more than one SubD face in one go.
I can Project a curve onto a complete SubD object with multiple faces, or intersect the complete SubD object with another object , but Pull only lets me select separate faces to pull to, instead of the complete SubD object.
I created SubD faces while snapping to the scan, extruded edges of the subD faces, then pulled the editpoints to the last. Then I refined the shapes by dragging the editpoints (one by one) with SnapToMesh on.
I miss the option of dragging multiple points in one go with all the moving points snapping to the mesh, or extruding edges/appending faces, inserting edges etc. while snapping to the mesh.
I think such a “retopo” functionality is a must, dragging points one by one is to much work.
A command Match for SubD edges is missing
so I used the command “Align to curve” to match edges to a curve, but I hope _Match for SubD will become available.

To create the rounded edges of the shoe parts I made two rail sweeps (with the green curves as cross sections). To be able to control the alignment with the surface, I had to change the SubD surfaces into Nurbs Polysurfaces first,
Edges of a SubD are not accepted by Sweep along a rail.
Hope this will become available too.

When giving thickness to the parts, I use Offset as a solid.
But I miss the option to create creased corners for Offset SubD.
After offsetting I have to crease the rounded edges manually. Hope this will become a option for Offset SubD.
Also splitting along edge loops is something I miss.

Finally I ran into trouble again while trying to create a decent render. One of my problems is that the rendered viewport is very different from the final rendering, so I have no clue how the reflections, gloss and bumpmaps in my final rendering wil look, I think my hardware is not good, combined with my lack of experience, but here are 2 rendered viewport captures and a final rendering.

On this Viewport capture the stiches (curves with piping on) are visible as 4 groups, I have no idea why this is happening.

The final rendering

I think SubD is great for shoe design, and I hope that some missing options will become available soon!