SUBD Challenge 7!

some sporty shades… The goal here is to use subd where it’s appropriate, and use nurbs where appropriate, This will require some thought and planning to allow yourself the creative freedom to iterate, and not commit to nurbs too early. Aim for Lightness, get as much as you can out of as few faces as possible. remove stuff and simplify where ever you can… bonus for rendering it up in v7 rhino render.

Hint, pro shade designers start from the lenses (or so I’ve been told) I started from the frames and finished with the lenses, after doing it wrong, I can see why you work from the lenses out…

this model with the rendering took about 1.5 hrs and included a lot of iterating and general mucking about to get a shape that I was semi happy with.


Nice idea. I started with the lenses (nurbs) the rest is SubD. ²RhinoTeam: Thanks for SubD!

I like the display view modes. No render time, just screenshots.


very cool!! thanks for sharing this! How’d the build go for you? any feedback on the tools?

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We need more complex challenges like…
Predator mask.

that actually appears to be a simpler one to build than the stormtrooper that Holo built in challenge 2-

that said, DO IT!! I’d love to see you build it!



  1. All used subdthickencurve
    SubDThickenCurve - Thoughts

  2. rhino render image so depth (color / material / light / space etc)
    I learned more than before - Thanks Kyle!

  3. Question
    What is the difference between Legacy Rhino and Rhino Render?

This is render view capture image …

Hi All
Started with the lens (like a pro, according to @theoutside :wink:) - actually they’re from an old project (shooting/hunting glasses). Converted to NURBS for cutting the frame up and adding tiny fillets to the creased edges.


Sorry - forgot to add comments on the modeling! I know it’s been discussed before, but having some sort of fall-off for the creased edges would be a time saver. I know it can be done manually, but having a “fall-off from A to B” would be a time saver! Other than that: Really love that Bridge takes faces as input. Big fan of the Reflect indication of the master/slave side, although it still would be better to “simply” have them both react to each other.


The rhino render is a new render engine in rhino: New Render Engine in Rhino 7 WIP

And the legacy engine is there rhino 6 engine.

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awesome work!! looks like it could head straight to the shelves for sale!

Crease falloff is something we are working towards… There are some technical hurdles for us to solve so it won’t be there for v7, but the upside is now that subd is a 1st class citizen in rhino, it will continue to develop and grow with each new service release.

Thanks for the reply Scott Davidson.
Impressed pbr material rhino logo rendering image and other.
This is good news for rhino user Including me~
Thank you for your efforts new features and convenience.
Best Regards