Rhino 8 Release Date Question

Same here, already reported. Working with big SubD and moving control points randomly put cpu to 100% load forever or even crashes.


Who works with subd globally get a feeling to be left behind from devs. No rhinocommon improvment. G1xx is cool, but please don’t stop. What about custom face-packing while ToNurbs?

  • Analysis tools windows/docking rework probably pushed to RH9 , or simply forgotten/ignored/unseen … ok, but at least make the floating windows of analysis tool a little more “serious” … currently they open with random sizes.

The fear is that you guys will slow down developing/fixing after release (as with any other software house), or start pushing “the fixes” on the newly WIP/9 version.
If you actually plan to not slow down about those matters and to achieve them for RH8, you could’ve release 8 months ago (I’m ready to pay!)
… but I suspect it’s more complex than this.

As always I surely look pedant and salty, but I love Rhino and McNeel staff! Thank you for the great work! :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward Rhino 8 release.