Rhino 7 Already?

Hi, I’m new here to the forums but I had a question concerning the new anticipated version 7 of Rhino. I recently finally purchased Rhino 6 and am now hearing that my software is going to be obsolete soon… Am I going to have to pay for another license for this new version of Rhino? Rhino 5’s age lasted for 6 years so I expect the same for Rhino 6, but after only a little over a year it’s going to be obsolete?

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No one has any idea when 7 will be out. If you want to use 7 in WIP stage–it’s not even in Beta yet, so it’s nowhere near release–then you can with your V6 license. The upgrade will cost not very much.

Thanks for the info! Do you have an idea how much extra it might cost (a ballpark estimate) for the upgrade?

McNeel never talks about release schedules until a few days or maybe weeks before the release. Since V2 new versions have been released every 5 to 6 years which suggests it will be several years before V7 is released.

  • Oct 1998 - Rhino version 1.0 released
  • Aug 2001 - Rhino 2.0 shipped
  • Nov 2002 - Rhino 3.0 released
  • Feb 2007 - Rhino 4.0 released
  • Oct 2012 - Rhino 5 for Windows released
  • Feb 2018 - Rhino 6 for Windows released

You don’t need to worry. You will get a lot of use out of Rhino 6 before you face any update costs to version 7.