Rhino8 WIP - Gumball

Hi all.

Problem: Gumball is useful, but the arrows and central dot often slow down the workflow, often ending up enabling and disabling gumball.
Example 1: arrows could start further away from center
(who use gumball arrows by click-dragging near the center, anyway?)

I personally use arrows always by dragging from the tips.
Near the center you need to be more accurate because they are near eachother … and “occlude” the central zone that might be useful for other stuff, for example, double-clicking a text to edit it.
2023-02-08 12_53_30-Untitled - Rhino WIP

Example 2: using drag mode to ControlPolygon while gumball is on. Extremely useful, you can correct control point position with both logics, along control polygon, and aligned to CPlane axes.
But, you can’t do this if a point is already selected and gumball is enabled, because gumball center dot (white) is in front of the control point, and you can’t select it, you lose the controlpolygon drag function.
2023-02-08 13_52_49-Untitled - Rhino WIP

Solution (?) :

Arrows starts away from center (easier to select the point and not a literal random arrow), and gumball central white dot might (maybe) blink “1second on - 1second off” so you can still choose which of the 2 methods to use. (or simply removing the white dot, personally would be best…)

I get often in this situation, where I do lots of small edits, controlpolygon/UVW, turning on and off gumball is not a solution.
I click-and-drag an unselected control point, then, If I need to drag it again along the controlpolygon, I quickly unselect it (to make gumball disappear) to start dragging again.

Not that the blinking solution is the only one, but I think gumball could be left active all the time (or almost) if tweaked a bit.
Currently I turn gumball off because it is in the way. Often. But then I need it on again, often.

you can hot key that with the gumball command.

I have an alias set up for gumball on and gumball toggle.

I know… I was asking exactly to avoid so.
When I’m “fine tuning” control points I make lots of small movements, CPlaneUV and on control polygon.
Even it’s a hotkey, in that situation toggling gumball takes 30%+ of the commands you are using.

What I’m asking is to have the ability to click-n-drag a control point with both functionalities (drag mode and gumball) simultaneously. Without having a functionality killing the other.

For example:
2023-02-08 12_57_53-Untitled - Rhino WIP
The white circle behave exactly like the white point it appears currently on rhino gumball.

  • arrows away, easier to pick what you want.
  • original control point not “occluded” by gumball point (so we can drag with current drag mode)
  • white circle behave as the normal gumball point

Those are raw ideas.
What I care is that the problem is understood.

Gumball shape is already tweakable with parameters in options (width, arrows lengths, etc etc).
Having the start of the arrows a little farther away from gumball origin, adding a parameter like the others shouldn’t be really complicated/expensive…

if you are fine tuning control points, why not use moveuvn with the scale set to a small increment? it’s way more accurate and controllable than gumby…

I’m working with SubD. (Havent said before, sorry.)
MoveUVN doesn’t work completely with SubDs.
But, even if it did, it’s not the best solution having to constantly swap from UV to control polygon mode.
UV direction are almost random and scale too. Setting up correct slider scale/strenght for each point, is deadly slow.

(Also, MoveUVN would really improve usability with ESC key implementation: often you drag the wrong slider and have to undo. If one could press ESC key during dragging, so resetting slider without editing the geometry, it would be really different, much more useful…)

I’m not sure I agree. I can work pretty accurately dragging cursor on screen.
When I manually drag points, I zoom to a proper scale and the cursor have all the accuracy I need. (maybe thanks to 3dmouse?)

MoveUVN is cool, useful in many conditions, but feels like a 2005 feature.
It’s more intuitive to simply drag something there, in place.
It feels and is more modern. Direct. Fast.

fair nuff… and yes move uvn is not awesome for subd.