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Hi Rhino colleagues,

I have not used Rhino is a while. I have a permanent academic license to Rhino version 6, and I am thinking of getting back into Rhino. I have two questions, please:

Is Rhino version 8 the very latest version of the program?

And second, how much would a new academic license to the newest version cost me? Of course, I will gladly produce my credentials to prove my eligibility for an academic license.

Thank you.


Hi Dale,

OK. Thank you. According to that information, I can update an older version, single user, with an academic license for USD95.

Good. I will probably do this. Let me think about it for a day or two longer.


Hi @Stanley
Please note that the current version of Rhino is 7. Rhino 8 is still WIP, aka pre-release version that all Rhino 7 users (for free) can install alongside Rhino 7 to test out new features, find bugs, make suggestions in terms of functionality, UI etc. Rhino 8 will be released “when it’s ready” according to McNeel’s company line. When exactly that is, nobody knows for sure, but maybe someone else dare make an educated guess? :grimacing: When Rhino 8 arrives, you’ll have to pay another upgrade fee to keep using the release version of Rhino 8 (as the WIP version, which is usually updated weekly with the latest bug fixes/features, will expire).
HTH, Jakob

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Hi @Stanley
Just came across this post from earlier today from @brian explaning their current roadmap - just so you get it straight from the horses mouth :slight_smile:


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Thank you for this information, @Normand. I appreciate it.