What is the forecast for Rhino 7 be released?

I am considering update from rhino 5 to rhino 6 license to get my hands on rhinoinside, but I prefer to wait for rhino 7 because it has a lot of new exciting features that I have seen, my doubt is how long it will take for the next version be released ? Any prevision ?

Best guess is later this year, but that’s a guess.
There is no projected date.


Ok, so if everything goes very very right, this year. If not , next year in the first semester ?

As far as I understand, the philosophy of a Rhino release is: ‘when it is ready’. You can take a look at Rhino release history and extrapolate from there. To me personally, a release later this year sounds kind of early.

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Oh, ok ,sorry for bothering with that, thank you for the explanation, I didn`t know
that’s how it works.

Start putting money aside and you have to be patient: following Rhino’s history (from Rhino 4 onwards), Rhino 7 final release, it should come out around 2023 :sleeping: :grimacing:

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I seem to remember that there was a decision to put out major releases more frequently.
Or did I just imagine that?

Thanks John. FWIW, it seems very solid for pre-release software. Keep up the great work!

That has been our intent for several releases. It’s much easier to intend than to do.
When it’s ready is the best measure.

We don’t send out WIP builds that we know have serious problems.
The really ugly stuff we try to keep in house,


For my needs the WIPs have allways been of exceptional stability.
There might be some unfinidshed functions/workflows/UI etc. but stability has been virtually indistinguishable to the current releases.

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