Analysis tools windows/docking rework

Hi all.
We have many analysis tools (maybe not all shown here):

Long story short, you have to have them floating in front of stuff, be it your viewport or other useful elements.
You try to dock them?
This happens:

which seems a UI failure.

What about letting them have a dedicated tab with sub-tabs?

Maybe having them in 2 columns, to wisely use space!
Edit: top tab is the global “analysys tab”. The other sub-tab are toggles that lets you turn on only the analysis tools you need in that moment. If everything is unselected in the sub-tab, it would result in an empty white space (just an idea). When you turn them back on, it will re-pop the analysis tool in its dedicated space and it will also remember the old selection set.

To list my points here:

  • proper/dedicated space for such tools. being dockable with dedicated tabs or similar.
  • it would be very useful to have an “ON/OFF” toggle for each analysis tool, maybe at the top of each window? (it’s inconvenient to destroy the selected object “set” only to turn it off)
  • similar to previous point, add a button to select again the objects currently analyzed by the analysis tool
  • when other geometry is used (like the CPlane for draft analysis), let user see that geometry or a way to retrieve it (once set, CPlane for draft can change in the viewport, but analysis tool will remember the old one)
  • only Edge continuity tool have the “remove all” button
  • let user select SubD edges for Curve curvature analysys (currently you need to turn on history, extract edges, etc… tricky and invasive…)
  • analysis tools have incoherent aspect, format (speaking aesthetically)
  • analysis tools still suffers from RH-72813 and RH-73329

Love the idea +1 for me.

Hi @maje90, thanks for looking into this. It would be nice to have a more cleaned up approach for analysis tools but crowding them inside a tab container is not something I’d like to see. When these floating analysis tools are active, we still need access to layers, properties, BoxEdit, display, or other tabs that are already located in those side panels.

But if the entire analysis ‘drawer’ can be moved and float cohesively, it would be nice.

Also, another related thought, more V9+ targeted:

We make beautiful models, Rhino has gorgeous real-time shaders and viewmodes, especially when you’d tart taking into account custom vie modes for parts, custom clipping planes, etc…. And we have high resolutions monitors that make great looking fullscreen screenshots. When we show this with an analysis mode on (zebra, draft analysis, etc) we have these ‘circa 2003 UX’ floating panels that look… dated, ugly.

I’d love to see these tools designed as infographics that blend into the background viewport, not floating panels. When we start V9, if this sounds interesting I’d be happy to mock something out to show examples.



Yes, usually tabs on rhino are dockable and detachable, making them floating.
The problem is that currently analysis tools aren’t recognized like the other tabs.

For example, we can move properties tab to be in the same spot of layer tab, or to a dedicated one, or floating:

Analysis tools instead are some “alien” element that can dock by selfishly taking space only for themselves.
Having analysis tool fit “normally” in the tabs would be already a big quality step.

That, and a global on/off toggle to not loose the analyzed objects selection set…
(currently analysis tools mess up rendering z-depth order when control points are on. It’s a constant open/close the tools. Each time losing the selection set…)

Hi Gustavo, when you say blend into the background viewport, do you mean that an object would appear above the panel like this?

I’m interested in what you’re suggesting but I haven’t really wrapped my head around it