iRhino WIP Available

A new version of iRhino is available as a WIP!

How to start testing:

  1. Install the TestFlight app by Apple on your iPhone or iPad. You must have the TestFlight app installed before you can install the iRhino WIP
  2. Use the following invite link to install the iRhino WIP (Join the iRhino 3D beta - TestFlight - Apple)

The iRhino WIP is a complete rewrite of our iOS app. At its core it is Rhino and uses much of the same source code that we use to create the desktop version of Rhino. The WIP will be updated in tandem with the Rhino 8 WIP and features/fixes in Rhino 8 will also show up in iRhino due to the shared source code.

iRhino uses Metal for all display. Everything that you can see in Rhino you should be able to see in iRhino as well (all geometry types, annotations, isocurves, layouts, 4view…). NOTE: Metal display for Rhino 8 is not nearly complete. There are many features not available yet that are actively being developed.

Change the display mode for your model to either “Shaded - AR” or “Rendered - AR” to turn on your camera and view your model in AR. If you point your camera at a table, iRhino will attempt to detect the table and anchor your model to it. This allows you to walk around your table with the visual effect that the model is sitting on it.

Your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have as much memory as a laptop/desktop computer. Be aware of this fact when opening files as a 2Gb file probably isn’t going to load.

The iRhino WIP includes Rhino’s meshing technology so you no longer need to remember to save your model with meshes included.

Only opening of files is currently supported. Import, insert, save, and export have not been added yet. All 3dm files up to from all versions of Rhino (including Rhino 8) are supported.


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I started dreaming of Grasshopper on iPad. How cool would that be…


Is it ok to share the link to the Beta with people who do not have a rhino license [people that I’m working with] ?

thanks a lot, the app feels great all ready

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Of course @Akash , feel free to share with anyone and point them to Discourse for feedback.

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Now I am really envy because I’m not a fan of apple stuff and I can’t dream to have this app for Android. Or can I?

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We are not working on an android version.


This is great, I love how much of a jump this is over the old app. Some feature requests.

  1. Ability to apply basic display colours to objects in the app.
  2. Full implementation of all the rhino display options, stuff like shadows etc would be great.

Also love that it supports layouts but there seems to be a bug where line work does not display in the layouts view i can only see hatches.

Added to the wishlist at

This is all coming. We don’t have shadows working for Metal in Mac Rhino. Once that feature is in place, it will also be available on iRhino. We are currently working on basic non-PBR material support at the moment so that is what you should see next as far as iRhino display improvements.

Yep, we saw that one as well. Still trying to figure out the cause, but I’m sure we’ll get it fixed

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Hi @stevebaer, I think besides looking at models another very important use for us is knowing dimensions/size of things. If you are buying materials or hardware for a model and need to know how thick/large something is. Even a bbox dimensions info panel of a selection would be very useful. Thx!



Great suggestion @gustojunk
We have an item for this



Thanks, this is great and welcome.

I am testing iRhino 3D on an iPad with a 12.9" screen and it looks and works like magic!

I also note here the several and varied feature requests by other Rhino users. I do hope the interface will not become weighed down by rampant featuritis!

And I expect it is possible to go on adding features until the cows come home. An iPhone may be capable of running iRhino 3D but have to wonder what a burgeoning feature set would look like on small screens.

If, as it appears, iRhino 3D is intended as a consumer viewing and demonstrating application, then can I make a plea for keeping it as lean, clean and simple as possible?


Clive Carter

i have to ypdate my ios to test it but i agree it should be foccused on demonstration and presentation. so thingns like namedviews snapshots animations of different positions shadows should be supported and work flawlessly


Testing on a 2018 iPad Pro 11”. Display and speed of navigation is perfect. Selecting objects is hit and miss. It seems to work well after a fresh open of a model. If I switch to another app and back, selecting objects doesn’t work reliably. It would be nice to add multi-object support (shift key on the keyboard? Problematic probably for those who use it without a keyboard) and ability to isolate objects with a two-finger tap or something. Very nice to see this app going somewhere! Kudos.

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Selection is pretty spotty at the moment. I haven’t dug into the cause yet, but I see this too.

Please please please make this version support viewing dimensions and annotations.

I am not the only person who uses Rhino in a business that does rapid construction projects.

Right now, I either print out dimensioned drawings for the workers who assemble cnc-cut parts, or I screen cap dimensioned views and text them to them.

If there was an iOS rhino viewer that supported viewing dimensions and annotations, I’d buy copies for every assembler in my shop. I imagine plenty of other people would want this too.

The level of complexity that I can illustrate using a dimensioned and annotated explorable model is so much greater than with still images. It would save a lot of hours.

Guess you need to try out the iRhino WIP then. There is currently a crash related to date/time text fields, but beyond that dimensions and annotation are working.

The date/time textfield crash will be fixed when we publish the next WIP release on either Monday or Tuesday

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