GLTF Support in iRhino

nice! it would be great to also support opening, glb and .gltf files. Thx!


I’ll see if I can hook something up. We can’t currently use the glb/gltf reader that Rhino uses, but I may be able to hack something in.

Our Metal display engine currently doesn’t have support for PBR materials, so gltf may be a big let down until we have that wired up.

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yeah I was asking specifically for PBR materials, so that’s a double wish then :slight_smile:

We have to support PBR materials in Mac Rhino with Metal before shipping Rhino 8. When Mac Rhino gets PBR support iRhino will get PBR support.


@gustojunk we just published a new version of the iRhino WIP that has rudimentary support for GLTF and GLB files. We’re only reading the meshes out of the files at the moment and not doing anything with materials. This also only works with GLTF files that contain the mesh data embedded in the file itself.

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Hi @stevebaer, I just tested it. I see a couple of initial problems:

  1. When I try to open a .gltf from a Dropbox location or an email, etc. using the ‘share’ method, iRhino is not listed as the ‘Open in’ options.

  2. My gltf model showed up sideways. The reason: glTF uses a right-handed coordinate system, that is, the cross product of +X and +Y yields +Z. glTF defines +Y as up . The front of a glTF asset faces +Z.



Hmm… I am rotating the model on import, but am obviously doing in wrong. The gltf models I tested looked to have the correct orientation. Can you send me a gltf that obviously looks wrong when opened in iRhino

@mkarimi do you know how to get this “open in…” feature to work with gltf files?

I think I have an idea how to fix the “open in” issue.
At the moment I suspect it only works with 3DM files. But we should be able to do the same for other formats we support.

Hi Steve, I just emailed it to you. I also confirm that my expected orientation is correct when I open it in our internal viewer (sent you a link to it) and in the three.js editor



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Give today’s release a try and please let me know if the geometry looks like it is oriented correctly.

Hi steve, orientation and broken mesh fixed here. Thanks!


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