iRhino WIP Available

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LOOK & feel
A couple of small interface suggestions please:

The Layers button currently feels like half of a toggle. With the layers panel exposed, can the button be pressed again in order to dismiss the panel? It feels like it should be a full toggle switch.

FILE: open & close
These are millimetres from each other. This seems convenient, except when I close a model and want to open further ones in fairly quick succession. Instead of moving a few millimetres up to open another, I need to go on a long return trip! On a large-size iPad held in portrait orientation, I need to travel nine inches down to the File button and then nine inches back again.

This is a round-trip of 18-inches and I wonder if it this separation of functions is in order to impart a deliberate delay (?).

[N.B. No crashes and generally looking stunning.]


Thanks for the feedback @clivecarter
The UI is constantly changing and this kind of feedback helps us in the right direction.
I filed your suggestions under RV-602 and RV-603

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This a really nice unexpected surprise. It makes sense given the desktop re-write for Metal involves a deep dive. Very excited for Rhino 8!!


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First look
Very good nice look easy manipulation
Easy pull in of additional files
Great views
Great improvements


Testing this out with my colleges who got no CAD experience, works great for them to use this app!
400MB file tested and worked great, impressive!

The only problem we’ve had is the selection tool stops working after zooming in a bit.
Also would be great if the camera centered its rotation point on the selected item :grin:


Nice. Please finish the project so you can take my money when I buy licenses for all the guys in my shop.


Unfortunately, we are not planning to charge for iRhino when it is “released”.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to have all your guys use the WIP.


as a complement to this idea, accesibility of user text information would be handy for consulting models “out of office”

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That’s not exactly accurate :slight_smile: We plan on iRhino to be installed for free and used for viewing/analyzing 3dm files. There may be a set of features that would be available for a fee.

All of that is future tripping though as this we’ve only released our first WIP a week ago and focus will remain on bugs and feature improvements based on user requests for a long time before we have to think about how to monetize the product.

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Can I at least send you a fruit basket?

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Testing out the app and providing feedback is more than enough.

@clivecarter your UI suggestions are incorporated in the latest version of iRhino WIP released today. You can update your installation via the Testflight app.

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Kia ora

I have a smallish file (with lots of embedded images) - in Desktop Rhino it is an import from fbx file format of what was originally a 300Mb Lidar file of multiple city blocks. This is reduced to only a couple of blocks.

On the ipad, the ‘textures’ disappear.

And then when I try to change from the default ‘rendered’ view to xray / shaded / wireframe, things crash.

Ipad Pro 10.5in Software ios 15.5 Capacity 512Gb (available 375Gb)

We don’t yet have support for textures on iRhino3D.
We are working on getting textures working on Metal display but it’s a bigger project that is shared between this app and Rhino for Mac.

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Fair enough.

I am guessing that dealing with all those unused textures would explain the crashing?

I must try figuring out the way to strip the file of textures in Rhino…


That actually does not explain the crash. If you can share your model with me, I would love to try and repeat the crash on my computer so I can fix it.

Is it possible to hide an object within the same layer without hiding the rest? It would be interesting for the future, also being able to take measurements without having to go through the desktop version.
Thanks, the application is really good

Kia ora Steve.

Happy to share off-line. I can forward a dropbox link to the file.