Dropbox support for iRhino

Should it already be possible to open files on the phone from Dropbox?

I got to the point it showed dropbox in the iRhino browse. but it seemed to have gotten stuck at that point. Then dropbox disappeared [from the iRhino browse], and I couldn’t find it again.

I’m able to access my documents on the phone via dropbox, so I assume its an iRhino issue…?


Dropbox as well as other cloud storage apps are already supported.
Looks like in your case, the Files app doesn’t list Dropbox as an option. To get it back you can do the following:

1.Open the “Files” app

2.Tap the ... on the top right corner and select Edit
3.Switch on “DropBox” option

Now you should be able to access and open dropbox files from iRhino3D again.

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