Modeling in iRhino3D WIP


iRhino3D WIP (8.0.23233 (11.2.1) - August 23) available via Testflight allows you to create custom toolbar buttons for your favorite commands to make modeling easier.

This is an unfinished feature with some known issues and many unknown ones. Some commands may not work or crash the app, please report here if you find one :slight_smile:

For serious work, use the Appstore version of iRhino3D.


Great user interface, honestly looks clean.
I’m actually impressed.
I hope this project is carried further.

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Looks amazing! Can’t wait to play with it.

But with this new and really capable version, don’t you think it’s time to drop the “i” from iRhino 3D? Why call it different? Why not just “Rhino 3D”? It would still be different from desktop Rhino, because that seems to be called either “Rhino” or “Rhinoceros”.

Weirdly also the website is still Then on the website it is also called “Rhinoceros 3D”.

Either way, adding the i in front of a name is something Apple did starting with the iMac - the i stood for “Internet”, since that was the main thing about the original iMac and its saving grace. Apple have largely dropped that moniker, except for where it defines a product (iPhone, iPad, iMac) and so has virtually everyone else. It’s just a bit of a 2000s thing and it’s not cool or anything any longer. It just makes it sound very old.

Why not something like “Rhino Mobile”? Or even just stick with the normal “Rhino”. Photoshop on the iPad is still just called “Photoshop” even though it is not the same as Photoshop on a desktop.

It seems to me that nobody at McNeel really knows exactly what Rhino should be called or even look like. Everything is so splintered, there are so many different websites, always with different logos, styles and names. Does McNeel even have an in-house design team? Something like a Style Guide, Brand Guidelines or even a unified direction do not seem to exist. It’s a real shame, because it makes everything look so much less professional than the software is, which is an incredibly powerful tool.


Looks great, really useful !.. Any plans for Android devices ? Would be great, there are really powerful android hardware around

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what would the advantage be on an android? ios devices have a better performance, better hardware, and are more secure… i have no idea what these devices cost though so that is probably a valid factor… to be fair the android market seems bigger… but hey that is already so amazing that Rhino is actually coming to live on a mobile device. a lot of people having their ipads in their pocket on the run and able to draft something up finally like many wished :slight_smile:

Not that I know of :slight_smile:
I agree, we can do better in those areas but it’s a matter of bandwidth and prioritization. We tend to focus more on improving the product performance and features.

Maybe we can drop the “i” though, or replace it with “u”

Well, I have (like many) a Samsung S8 Ultra tablet, great price & even greater hardware :grinning: Also I rely on Google ecosystem for work, thus android…

Anyways, it will be great to be able to use Rhino on a mobile device, kind of a dream come true !

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Unfortunately we’re not working on an Android version at the moment.

hi @mkarimi
The development looks impressive.
Personally, I don’t really see myself modeling in the I pad [I do have a new Pro 12.9]. but perhaps I’ll see it differently at some point…

At the moment I actually have a sort of opposite concern: For me the main use of IRhino would be to have my customers using it during design development . And for this purpose, a simplified basic version of the app with no modeling tools, apart from adding notes and drawing comments with the pencil.
So customers that have no background in 3D apps would be able to use it within a few minutes of a share screen chat.

I remember a comment [perhaps by Steve] some long time ago, that there will be a paid pro version, and a free basic one…? is this still the plan?

A striped down [non pro] version is really important for working with clients.

thanks a lot

That’s why the Appstore version doesn’t have any of these additional features. With the WIP builds we’re simply experimenting what’s possible. If and how we roll these out to the Appstore is a question we’re still pondering.

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Any future plans for iRhino support for grasshopper scripts? Macros?

It really is looking great!

-Does it support sketching similar to the R8 desktop version?

I keep thinking how nice it would be to at least read GH definitions on a mobile device, hopping into canvas space , being able to look around, sketch markups or notes for yourself or team members, and adjusting slider values or any other input.

I’m probably opening up a can of grasshoppers sorry haha

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Right now you can solve GH(hops) definitions on a remote Compute server and display the results in iRhino. Full GH in iRhino sounds very interesting and it’s something we’ve discussed but it a big project and can take some time.


Very cool that’s already a powerful feature then!

My idea would be to give clients and collaborators an iPad with Rhino, let them sketch out basic floorplan outlines, add points and then run a robust GH definitions from those inputs that automates the rest for them based off their minimal tablet input.

Loose sketching and minimal input → fully flushed out 3D data rich architecture with document generation is the idea.

I like sitting at a desktop and am fast there, but an average homeowner as an example may not want to spend more time than a napkin sketch (and some architects don’t either :joy:) but enabling these users to influence their own designs and even completely draft their designs for them to pass to a builder or the city would be very helpful. In my opinion.

The two biggest wishes for me currently are lightweight mobile/minimal UI ( I think this achieves that)

And then AI image recognition trained on hand sketched and printed construction document sets.

That on the front end coupled with robust algorithms on the back end can make a whole lot of magic out of a whole little.

Anyways, I’ll be watching this development closely both as a fan and to see the potential workflow it will open up for the above mentioned.

Thanks for your work!

Good to know, but not surprising. I don’t want to get into strategy too much, but that tactic of only prioritizing the product will work fine as long as you have a competitive advantage, which Rhino does. But its a risky tactic.

It seems a bit like a mentality often found in tech-only driven companies. That design somehow is something extra, that is not really required for a product to be good. Meanwhile you are constantly designing things - interfaces, websites, etc. all these things are designed, whether consciously or not. And the worst designs are those that you create without thinking about the design, because they become arbitrary and only fit the person who created it. Unfortunately that becomes apparent at every point of using Rhino and even more so the gigantic ecosystem of disparate websites and products. Actually this forum is the only part that is well designed and a joy to use, but of course its the only part not designed by McNeel. The rest is fine, but just not a joy to look at and with a lot of the UX issues that most companies without dedicated designers make.

Either way, I will make a PR for some of the CSS for the documentation you are working on soon.

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That made me chuckle. That a company that creates a tool for DESIGN does not itself have any designers for that tool. What happened to form follows function? I think for me and a lot of other designers the way a tool looks and works is part of that product performance and most certainly a feature.

So in that regard I am sorry to hear that McNeel is still in that phase where they don’t even see the value of design and how positively a well designed software or any tool for that matter increases the joy of using it. And just like the things we design with Rhino, well designed does not just mean “pretty”. Well designed means it serves its purpose well, is easy to understand and brings joy.

Anyways, this is about iRhino3D and I am looking forward to using it. I am glad that you are just using the standard Apple UI library, because that is a good foundation. I think you broke some of their UI guidelines even in the thumbnail for the video already. I am 99% certain that you are not supposed to create Cancel and Done buttons like that…


You should use Primary and Secondary buttons for those. Having them only distinguished from all other buttons by 2 different icons of the same color is not good UX.

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Thanks, I filed your feedback here:

Nice. Only if there was an iRhino3D version for Android.

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i just wonder, if that question/statement is going to be made every 7 days now :wink: oh let me guess you did not read the thread… but just had to let us all know about it :man_shrugging:

ok am a bit frantic today, i better go offline again.

@seltzdesign this is in the latest release. Check it out

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