Let's get together at Autodesk University 2022 in New Orleans?

Are you going to be at Autodesk University this year in New Orleans, September 27-29, 2022? We have a small booth #AE484. We will be there to find out how Rhino and Grasshopper are currently working for you. If you are interested, we can show what’s we have been working on in Rhino, Grasshopper, Rhino.Inside.Revit, Python, Compute and iRhino.

Are you going to be there? Are you conducting or attending any interesting seminars? Contact us here so we can make sure not to miss you.

Will we have a RhinoCon or McNeel university one day? :wink:

I googled it and found THIS :joy::joy::joy:
It’s a rhinology (medical nose stuff) conference in Islamabad and they just straight up lifted the logo from McNeel/Rhino - I find it a little funny :upside_down_face:

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I would come over to New Orleans to visit you and the McNeel gang Scott, but I would also be picketing AD for going full subscription on Fusion 360. I found Fusion to be a pretty good partner to my work in Rhino and bought the first early adopter version when it first came out for something like $250 for three years use. Then they did the hobbiest/small business version (under $100,000 per year gross) for a couple of years. I mostly used it to make nice nearly automated title blocks and other 2d drawings and annotations and was finally getting pretty familiar with it. I did make a few bucks using its FEA abilities (after giving up hope on Scan and Solve) but still did most of my modeling in Rhino3D. I found about a month ago that I could no longer log in to Fusion after a big update and needed to get some 2d DWG files out and it let me start a new account and gave me a 30 trial in which time I thought I could get my small firm account straightened out but was surprised last week when I logged in to generate a simple title block to import back into Rhino and was told my trial had expired the day before. Now they want a detuned basic subscription (no FEA or generative use) for $450 a year and no small shop discounts at all. I can’t even log in to 5 years of projects that I entrusted them to on their ‘cloud’ and am not real happy about it. I am not going to lose sleep over it because it really never was very dependable but I with I had downloaded a lot of my work that I did there. Hope the shoot themselves in the foot with their latest scheme. Not really whining but I am disappointed as I though Fusion 360 was the best thing they had come up with in the 3d market.

That is not in the plan, but we get enough people here we should plan some type of get together there for everyone.