Wavy surface - Rhino 6

How can I replicate this kind of surface?
I’ve tried with edit cage command but it looks smoother than the photo.


A simple to do (but slow to calculate) way is to distribute many overlapping spheres then boolean subtract them from the object.
If you have a lot you might find it helps to do this subtraction several spheres at a time instead of all at once.

If you don’t mind using Grasshopper there are other methods which can be faster.

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Here’s a way with Grasshopper that is much faster than booleaning everything in Rhino:

scoops2.gh (9.4 KB)


it is now a recurrent question and it is quite strange you didn’t find some already published solutions. Keywords for a search are certainly not quite intuitive so or here are some others links. You will understand that hammered is probably a good keyword to begin with.

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Thank you so much. I did search for other posts before posting. I was hoping to find tips on how to do this in Rhino “Displacement” since I am a beginner in Grasshopper. I did title my search as hammered , if I remember right.