3D Hammered texture, solid union error

VoroniHammerTexture02.gh (8.4 KB)

Hi all,

I’m a complete beginner in grasshopper but I made this file to try and recreate a hammered texture across a 2m by 1m sheet, when I use less points and larger radius it works ok, but when I put the sphere radius to 15 (as I want it) and the number of points to 40,000 (a lot I know) the solid union has an error (Boolean union set is empty).

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it that would be fantastic.


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Meshes could help? But I am not sure.
See this

Thanks Laurent, unfortunately meshes are no good as this file will eventually be used for CNC’ing

can’t you just export the pointlist to the cnc machine?

If you really want to make a model out of it, you could just bake the balls and substract them from a surface with this python script. It will skip the ones that fail to cut which you can then later manipulate manually. For better boolean succes, make sure your ball surface seam is out of the way (not part of the intersection) like this VoroniHammerTexture_sg.gh (6.9 KB)

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
main=rs.GetObject("select object to substract from")
subs=rs.GetObjects("select objects to substract")
for sub in subs:
    new=rs.BooleanDifference(main, sub)
    if new:
    rs.Command("ClearUndo") #otherwise Rhino will become slower and slower with the process
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