Mesh carving/chiseling (How To)

Here are some renders of simple meshes that were carved/chiseled with 2 methods. Explanations will follow.

Method with Ellipsoid

Method with spheres

How To :
Take a mesh then populate it with points

Then make some chisel path on each of these points. I use here Noise component to make a field of direction. The noise is a value between [-1, 1]. This value is transformed to an angle [0, 2*π]. A vector perpendicular to the normal is calculated using Cross Product, this vector is then rotated. Depending on the scale of your object you’ll have to adjust the scale of the noise. Knowing the point and the direction a line is done.

The lines are moved up randomly and populated with points.

Sphere are added on each line with a radius depending of the position on the line. Here low radius on extremities.

Points and radius are send to Dendro and that’s all.

carving mesh with many (19.8 KB)

The second methods uses ellipsoids. The main trick is to place then on the good plane.

Dendro is also used to make the boolean but it is less fast. I must try others tools to see if it could be fastest.

carving mesh with (90.1 KB)


@laurent_delrieu your works always amaze me :heart:


Laurent and Grasshopper a perfect symbiosis :pushpin:


This is absolutely stunning work!

Ok I’m recovering…I want to make 3 observations.

First is that carving by hand does not leave smooth areas between the gouge cuts. There are only valleys and ridges. So if there is some way to evaluate the surface and make sure every smooth area is gouged in some degree it would bring a higher level of realism to the surface.

Second if you can introduce a wider parameter of random gouge depth it would also add realism to the surface.

Finally if you can produce 2 1/2 D relief carving that can be machined by a 3 axis CNC router in wood without undercuts I think you may have a really significant commercial application.

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Thanks for the comment.

It seem possible to have some metrics that compare the heights of points between the initial and chiseled surface. So I imagine I will have points and sort of height of “default” and depending on that I’ll add some new chisel effects on these places.

I tried to do that here, I also used a random generation that is less evenly spaced. More random here but also more “non chiseled” parts!

I did that to answer to a forum question so I have no plan at the moment.


So if you can now amend this to use a rectangular block as a starting point and create a chiselling strategy that someone with a KUKA 6 axis robot can use we can all have a wooden Stamford Bunny!

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I want to learn to do that too…

A very good cover, can you upload your work for everyone to learn from you. Thank you

there are 2 scripts at the beginning of this discussion. Did you open them ? What is the problem that they don’t answer ?

Some new Chiseling tool in Nautilus. From a polyline, the tool create ellipsoid that could be applied on a mesh.


Newb here … I’m wondering if this could technique could be applied to an existing 2D pattern?

it is not clear what you are seeking.
What is the input ?
What is the output ?

I would like to have the carve effect take place within each of those established “cells” to create a 3D model that will be CNCd for pattern making.

Ok I understand, there are many ways to do that. But as the pattern is existing it is quite sure that the concavity will not be the result of an ellipsoid. Also the pattern is flat but with an ellipsoid it is not.

You could offset the curves in order to have the CNC paths.You could adapt the depth depending on the offset you use.
But surely better to use that

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Interesting! I’ve never worked with Kangaroo! There goes the weekend! LOL - Thanks for your insights.

Muchas Gracias Laurent por compartir tuTrabajo-Codigo !
Realmente muy interesante.

No queria dejar pasar el tiempo, sin probarlo.( un par de imagenes)
Con algunas mallas,me dio bastante trabajo,
por algun motivo que desconozco, pero anduvo muy bien.

Gracias, pues se aprende bastante.
Nada facil, llegar a esa definicion.


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