Need some help to create chisel wood textures in grasshopper

I am kind new in Grasshopper and mostly I try to use it as as a tool to create and analyse woodcarving designs and shapes/ forms.
I would love if some have some tips or a tutorial how we could recreate a chisel gauge wood texture as in the photos bellow.

Idea is to test in grasshopper ideas before I finally carving them with hand tools or use 3d prints for copper molds.

I was thinking that maybe a good idea would be to use attractor points to control the size direction and symmetry.

Thank you and stay safe in those strange times

Thanks for the help, I have “play” with the voronoi pattern but my knowledge in Grasshopper is still basic I think. As in the photos a voronai pattern that is randomized in shape in a surface and attractors to control the size / direction of the texture would be ideal. again thanks and I will keep trying.

I thought it would be fun to try and use Anenome to take chisel strokes of material from a mesh.

[EDIT: I don’t know how to show a GIF file here]


I’m not sure if it could handle a high enough resolution to get the effect you want and the chisel path strategy needs some work but I liked the idea.

I use a preview from Intralattice which I haven’t included in this file. (21.3 KB)

I have deside to try with a light script using Voronoi and a curve attractor to control the Voronoi cells. But here I am stuck and 100% the script is a mess. I liked to split the cells in to groups so I the future the script is easy adapted. not close to carving chisel, maybe some random needed, but anyway I just like to share and hear about solutions and suggestions. GaugeCarvingSurfaceFinal.3dm (3.0 MB) (24.1 KB)

I didn’t look at your script but I emailed you that I posted a solution. Did you look at it? Link on this page!!

Did you see @laurent_delrieu 's post in the gallery?

Mesh Carving

Hi Laurent. Thanks you so for the time and help , I have read the post and try to adjust the script to my needs.
I have hard time to adapt it to a rectangular mesh /face and the Dendro plugin works not on my Mac.
your solution would be great if I could get it working for my especially the last one on your post where
it is more random and more “non chiseled” parts.

OK I am happy not to have a Mac.

If you want more traditional thing use Daniel Piker solution. Link of the discussion already given and here the more precise link to Daniel tool.