Grasshopper Voronoi rounded surfaces


I am currently trying to make a surface in rhino using grasshopper.
The result I am trying to achieve is this image.

I am currently using this grasshopper setup:

And by using that i created this:

The problem I am facing is that I am trying to curve the edges between the vonoroi pattern. This is what I have at the moment:

But I want the edges to curve the other way around like this: (This way it is a smooth transition)

Does anyone know how I can do this? Would be nice if it could be achieved using grasshopper. (I am using Rhino6)

Thanks in advance, Koen.

Hi I created sth similar to this once and I imagined your form as small inflated pillows but with just one side of it (hope you can follow me haha).

Maybe you can try to do a similar approach like this example here:

Does this help? If not, maybe you can share your files.
Kind regards, Clemens

Hi, thanks for the reply.

It is not quite similar, the example you posted still has the sharp corners on the edges of the bended surfaces.

You have to see the picture inside out, instead of the polygons going up, they are going down. the edges or space between the polygon surface have to be rounded and facing up. this way you will create the first picture in my post.

I achieved the round polygons but the edges between them is what I was trying to figure out.

Here is my grasshopper file, I have to create a surface that is 5000x4000mm.
Grasshopper polygon (7.0 KB)


There are many discussions on this type of subject, here my contributions

Another old thread on a very similar geometry:

great job

actually the previous respondents are among the best of the best here…

They must be busy,
and thus suggested alternative methods,


anyway, help is help: (12.1 KB)

Good luck! That circle boundary is not a rectangle :wink:

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Hi Laurent, is there anyway I can create the shapes you made on the rocks on a flat surface?
I dont think it has to be this complicated.

for sure it is possible, you just need to have a high number of faces on your flat mesh.
So remesh with whatever tool you want (tri-remesh then subdivide, Brep remesh …) then apply the algorithm.

Hi Laurent.

I found what i am looking for in another thread of yours.

The polygons look really smooth and are rounded at the edges where they meet.

This looks really good, but the problem I face is that I need a big surface. 5 meter x 4 meter. I can’t seem to scale it. It doesn’t work then.
Also I don’t want the different sizes of polygon cells.

Do you have a solution for this?

An update on this topic, I still haven’t adchieved what I wanted.

We did some test millings to see what some good replies looked like.

However the edges where the polygons touch each other are way to sharp and it should be smoother.

Another example of what we are trying to make:

I will also include a drawing of what we want to produce.

I found a really good example of how I can make it using grasshopper but when i try to scale it rhino crashes.

Thanks in advance

Can you provide the files you’re working with?

Typo in the title please change it.


I am not sure if you try the script without understanding or if your computer is weak?
For understanding a script you must go through all the parts. Some are Units agnostic (divide curve by a number for example) some depends on the units. For Dendro it clearly depends on units. So if you work in mm with a size of 5000 mm and step of 0.15 mm you will have big problems.
here I gave a try reusing various script from @TheCyclist and @DanielPiker
Closed double precision polygon mesh: 6 161 770 vertices, 6 161 770 faces with normals
Bounding box: (-2499.92,-1499.98,-100) to (2499.92,1499.98,-0.102231)
So units here are clearly millimeters but size if like what you want.
Mesh is not simplified but could be simplified inside Dendro or outside.

Here some explanation on the script. But please try to understand the functions and parameters.
2 ellipse are done and points are generated on them.

Play with the sliders to see the pattern you want

The activate dam
Change the preview to look at the geometry you want
here the slider to tune the depth of each dent

Then dam for Dendro (26.7 KB)


Hi Laurent, It looks really good I figured the script out and used scale to minimalize the performance on my pc. It works now. Thanks a lot! I have the result i wanted.

Simple example with Weavebird

Or with mesh spheres

Radius 10

Radius 30 (15.2 KB)


I think the weavebird is the more robust but border are flat. Adding some displacement could surely help changing the shapes.
The mesh union is not very fast when there are many meshes. Daniel Piker proposed a similar solution with brep (quite fast). But this will need some smoothing. Quadremeshing could bring some nice smoothed result but just of V7!

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Maybe using midpoints and move them in z direction